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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which of these is from the Andromeda galaxy?

2. Which Humanoid civilisation is native to the planet Brekka?

3. Which species use gestures for non-verbal communication?

4. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant species has the Borg designation Species 686?

5. Which Humanoid species can attack others telepathically?

6. Which civilisation was at war with the Vek?

7. Which Delta Quadrant species abducted several dozen Humans in 1937?

8. Which Humanoid civilisation is native to the planet Ekos?

9. What humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant won a war against the Talaxians?

10. Which of these is a species of sentient holograms?

11. What Delta Quadrant civilisation featured in a holodeck training program created by Tuvok?

12. Which white simian creature have a highly poisonous bite?

13. Which of these civilisations lived at a bronze age level?

14. A member of which species which bought weapons off Quark?

15. Which of these species attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole?

16. Which mysterious and powerful species signed a long and complex treaty with the Federation?

17. Which hedonistic humanoid species is native to the Alpha quadrant?

18. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was allied with Voyager against the Krenim in an alternate timeline?

19. Which of these is NOT a Xindi species subtype?

20. Which Humanoid species was Plix Tixiplik a member of?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021