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Large Quiz - Species

1. What Delta Quadrant civilisation are highly protective of their territory?

2. Which Humanoid civilisation with two stomachs and multiple hearts is Morn an example of?

3. Which Humanoid species are known as great strategic minds?

4. What humanoids believe the genders should be kept apart from each other?

5. Which rock creature said 'No Kill I'?

6. Which civilisation is from Rakella Prime?

7. Which of these civilisations lived at a bronze age level?

8. Of which species is the Borg Queen a member?

9. Which Humanoid species had a cultural exchange with the Federation?

10. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant species is obsessed by etiquette?

11. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation stole starships by replacing their crews one at a time?

12. Which energy being which had a grudge against Q?

13. Which Delta quadrant species which uses tetrion based power cells?

14. Which Humanoid society implanted memories of a long prison term into Chief O'Brien?

15. What batlike creature lives on Celtris III?

16. Which of these is a shape shifting sentient lifeform?

17. Which advanced Delta Quadrant species had no concept of music prior to encountering Voyager?

18. Which species use gestures for non-verbal communication?

19. Which civilisation donated tissue samples to study Correllium fever?

20. Which extinct animal species was the last common ancestor of warm and cold blooded life on Earth?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021