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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which of these is a shapeshifting liquid species native to the gamma Quadrant?

2. What civilisation is known for keeping a different standard of time to most?

3. Which of these species attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole?

4. Captain Livara, a Romulan spy, once posed as a member of which species?

5. Which telepathic species were strongly isolationist until they encountered Kirk?

6. Which major Alpha Quadrant power has the Borg designation 'Species 3259'?

7. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was at war with the Vori in 2365?

8. Which Humanoid species, virtually eradicated by the Borg, hid themselves to avoid further attack?

9. Which people built an artificial planet, but were killed off by a disease?

10. Which Humanoid species had a cultural exchange with the Federation?

11. Which advanced species lives near the center of the galaxy?

12. What nomadic people split off from the Acamarians, but have now been reabsorbed?

13. What four limbed species was mentioned in TNG's 'Liasions'?

14. Which speices warred with the Kyrians?

15. Which Humanoids are from the Parada system?

16. Which people destroyed the second to last Tarellian plague vessel?

17. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation lived several light years from a class 4 singulatrity?

18. Which of these are sentient humanoids with blue skin and a line running up the centre of their face?

19. Which species is native to the Ferengi planet Lappa IV?

20. Which of these sentient species did Sisko once almost get into a fight with?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021