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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which advanced Delta Quadrant species had no concept of music prior to encountering Voyager?

2. Which Delta quadrant species took part in a regular sub-warp shuttle race?

3. Which Delta quadrant society jailed people on space stations under inhumane conditions?

4. Which noncorporeal lifeform experimented on the Enterprise D crew to determine the nature of death?

5. Deanna Troi is half Human; what species is the other half?

6. Kivas Fajo own one of which highly endangered species?

7. Which sluglike animal burrows into a persons ear?

8. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation lived several light years from a class 4 singulatrity?

9. What mysterious and paranoid Delta Quadrant species are determined to prevent all knowledge of their existence?

10. Which warrior species has a long history of attacking the Federation?

11. Which species was addicted to Felicium by the Brekkians?

12. Which of these species is known for their ferocity?

13. Which civilisation donated tissue samples to study Correllium fever?

14. Which Humanoid species are known as great strategic minds?

15. Which of these is a shapeshifting liquid species native to the gamma Quadrant?

16. Which species did the Denobulans once fight brutal wars against?

17. Which being was created when a species learned to transfer their negative feelings into a physical form?

18. Which species kills any woman under forty who conceives a child?

19. Which Humanoids, who once lived on Earth, are now possessed of great telekinetic powers?

20. Which ancient civilisation built a large archive that attempted to take over the Enterprise-D?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021