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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which civilisation's food was popular with other planets, especially Farius Prime?

2. Captain Livara, a Romulan spy, once posed as a member of which species?

3. Which of these is a Humanoid civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant, of whom some were assimilated by the Borg?

4. What species had a group of miners which fell prey to the Macrovirus?

5. Which lupine sentients are native to Chalna?

6. Which intelligent rocks conducted a study of good and evil?

7. Which of these is a highly advanced, long lived civilisation?

8. Which of these is one of the species that almost destroyed the Vaadwaur 900 years ago, and now control part of their underspace corridor network?

9. Which species were smuggling a Kriosian princess when they encountered Enterprise?

10. What Delta Quadrant society was testing a coaxial warp core when it was stolen by Steth?

11. What Delta Quadrant civilisation are highly protective of their territory?

12. Which of these species attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole?

13. Which primitive Humanoid species was enslaved by the So'na?

14. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant species is obsessed by etiquette?

15. Who are the natives of Tagra IV?

16. Which of these is a serpentine creature capable of opening rifts in time?

17. Which species did the Denobulans once fight brutal wars against?

18. Which speices warred with the Kyrians?

19. McCoy once attempted to purchase passage to the Genesis planet from a member of which species?

20. Which technologically advanced Delta Quadrant civilisation was widely acclaimed as excellent bounty hunters and had the Borg designation Species 4228?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,320 Last updated : 22 Apr 2021