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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which species discovered a wormhole in their system which turned out to be partially stable?

2. What Humanoid civilisation is native to Ligon II and prize honor greatly?

3. Which of these species is reputed to be able to predict the future?

4. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant civilisation was almost destroyed 900 years ago but are now rebuilding their forces?

5. Which of these is an ancient and highly advanced species, now extinct?

6. Which Delta Quadrant species was threatened by the Cardassian Dreadnought?

7. Which of these is from the Andromeda galaxy?

8. Chakotay's first starship assignment included first contact with which species?

9. Voyager became involved in a civil war amongs this species when the leader of one of the factions used technology to implant his personality into Kes?

10. Which of these species is native to the Gamma Quadrant?

11. Which Humanoid life form is descended from Terran dinosaurs?

12. What humanoids have a disseminated physiology, making the extremely hard to kill?

13. What species inhabit the cloaked planet long thought to be mythical?

14. Which Alpha Quadrant species is largely motivated by avarice?

15. What civilisation is known for keeping a different standard of time to most?

16. Which of these species is found on the edge of the Necrit Expanse?

17. Which of these rendered the Husnock extinct?

18. Which species used brainwashing to recruit fighters for their war with the Kradin?

19. Which species was dying out and required Deuridium to prolong their lives?

20. Which of these was conquered by the Son'a and used as a labour force?


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