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Large Quiz - General

1. What ship brought Admiral McCoy to visit the Enterprise-D in 'Encounter at Farpoint'?

2. Klingon forces retreated from which world in 2373?

3. In which episode does Seven of Nine have to pilot Voyager through a nebula whilst the crew is in stasis?

4. Which TOS episode featured a Meusan ambassador?

5. What class Starship is Enterprise?

6. On what deck of the Excelsior are Captain Sulu's quarters located?

7. Which Humanoid civilisation is native to the planet Ekos?

8. Which is the homeworld of the Horta species?

9. Which of these is a highly advanced, long lived civilisation?

10. Will Riker was brainwashed after being captured on an away mission on which planet?

11. Which ancient civilisation built a large archive that attempted to take over the Enterprise-D?

12. What is a "rogue planet" mising?

13. ON which planet is a marriage only considered successful if offspring result within one year?

14. What did Garak think the truth was an excuse for?

15. Where did the USS Charleston wait to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D to pick up three previously frozen Humans?

16. Where was Troi abducted by Romulans?

17. Which large Starbase orbits Tarsas III and was the site of an Enterprise-D's computer systems upgrade?

18. Which of these is a moon of Angosia III?

19. What humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant won a war against the Talaxians?

20. Which of these is NOT a season two episode of DS9?


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