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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Large Quiz - General

1. On which dead planet did Dr. Korby discover sophisticated androids?

2. Which of these is a shape shifting sentient lifeform?

3. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant species has the Borg designation Species 686?

4. What was the NCC number of the Stargazer?

5. Which Klingon moon exploded in the opening scene of Star Trek VI?

6. Who tried to kill Vedek Bariel for Vedek Winn?

7. Which of these is a species of sentient holograms?

8. On which planet are Gideon Seyetik's paintings displayed?

9. In which episode are Archer and Trip wrongly imprisoned?

10. Which Humanoid species denied the concept of gender?

11. Which telepathic species were strongly isolationist until they encountered Kirk?

12. In which episode does Enterprise first ncounter holodeck-like technology?

13. Which world was the destination of Enterprise-D after it encountered an unstable wormhole?

14. In which episode is the USS Yamato destroyed?

15. On which planet did Neela Daren buy a flexible piano?

16. What ship brought Admiral McCoy to visit the Enterprise-D in 'Encounter at Farpoint'?

17. Picard mediated a dispute involving which species and the Gemarians?

18. What world is approximately 40 000 light years from Sikarus, and is famed for the erosine winds?

19. Which of these is a Cardassian device which cannot be replicated?

20. Which planet managed to overcome its criminal element with help from the Vulcans?


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