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Medium Quiz - General

1. In which episode does Sisko help to defeat Worf in an attack on the Mirror version of DS9?

2. Which 'LA Law' character was played by an actor who has NOT also appeared in Star Trek?

3. Where did the USS Charleston wait to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D to pick up three previously frozen Humans?

4. In which Enterprise episode is Daniels apparently killed, only to return in 'Shockwave'?

5. What humanoids believe the genders should be kept apart from each other?

6. Which species were smuggling a Kriosian princess when they encountered Enterprise?

7. Which planet was Yonada on a collision course with?

8. What is the name of Worf's Klingon brother?

9. What is the registry of the USS Constellation from 'The Doomsday Machine'?

10. In which episode does B'Elanna risk her life because of emotional trauma?


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