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NameUp Description Episode
B'Saari II1 Planet whose inhabitants use isolytic current to reanimate the bodies of the recently dead.1 Horizon
Ba'ku2 An M class planet located in the Briar Patch. The planet had a ring system which was loaded with metaphasic radiation; the effect of this was to grant exceptionally long life to the inhabitants of the planet. It was the site of a Ba'ku settlement of about 600 people who had fled their original home world fearing that their species was on a path to self-destruction. The Ba'ku favoured a simple pastoral lifestyle, eschewing most forms of technology.2

Eventually a group of Ba'ku became dissilusioned with this mode of living and left the planet, with the result that they began to age normally. They dubbed themselves the Son'a. In 2375 the Son'a, in collusion with the Federation, attempted to harvest the ring system of the metaphasic radiation to regain their youth.2

Star Trek : Insurrection
Babel3 Planet on which a conference was held concerning Coridans entry to the Federation3 Journey to Babel
Bajor4 Homeworld of the Bajoran civilisation.4 Notable features include the Sahving valley5, the Janitza Mountains, which were never surveyed until 23716, the Kola mountain stronghold, the Serpent's ridge, the Ratosha pass, the Tanis canyon,7, the Fire Caves8 and the rivers Glyrhond9, Holana10, and Yolja11 Several peninsulas exist on the planet, including the Perikian Peninsula, beneath which the group known as the Circle had a base12 and the Northern Peninsula.13, the Trilar Peninsula and the Northwest Peninsula14 The planet is divided into political divisions called Provinces; these include Janitza6, Dahkur15, Lonar, Hill7, Golar16, Musilla.10, Kendra and Rakantha17 Bajor was stated in some sources to have three moons18, though it actually had at least five.19 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Bajor VIII20 Six colonies20 Past Prologue
Balancar21 Planet from which Syrup of Squill originates. Their Agricultural Consortium once claimed that a drought had disrupted their production of the syrup, but this was a lie designed to drive up the price.21 The Magnificent Ferengi
Balosnee VI18 Planet where the harmonies of the tides causes hallucinations18 The Nagus
Banea22 Delta Quadrant planet at war with the Numiri.22 Ex Post Facto
Barisa Prime23 Federation settlement near the Tzenkethi border. In 2371 a distress call from Barisa Prime was faked as part of a Founder plot to provoke a war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi.23 The Adversary
Barkon IV24 Planet where a Federation deep space probe crashed24 Thine Own Self
Barolia25 Home planet of the Barolians. Barolia was one of the planets attacked during the Borg assault on the Alpha Quadrant in 2381. The planet was devastated and the entire population destroyed.25 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Barradas III26 Class M planet with many archeological ruins26 Gambit, Part 1
Barson II27 Site of a medical emergency in 237027 Eye of the Beholder
Barzan II28 Planet located near the Barzan Wormhole.28 The Price
Beltain IX29 Commercial shipping centre29 Coming of Age
Benecia30 Home of Benecia Colony30 The Conscience of the King
Benthos31 Home world to the Benthans31 Vis-a-Vis
Benzar29 Home world of the Benzite people29 Coming of Age
Berengaria VII32 Planet discovered by Vulcans in the early 2100s. It was considered as a site for the first of Earth's Starbases.33 Spock once observed the dragon-like creatures which resided here.32 This Side of Paradise
Bersallis III34 Planet which was the site of a Federation colony. Bersallis III suffers a period of massive firestorms every seven years, caused by solar radiation interacting with plasma in the atmosphere. In 2369 the firestorms came a year ahead of schedule and were exceptionally large and fast moving, threatening to overwhelm and destroy the colony and all within it. The Enterprise-D crew managed to erect forcefields to hold back the firestorm whilst the colony was evacuated, saving all 643 people there. Unfortunately eight crewmembers were lost in the effort.34 Lessons
Beta Agni II35 Experienced tricyanate contamination35 The Most Toys
Beta Antares IV36 Imaginary card game Fizzbin was played here according to Kirk36 A Piece of the Action
Beta III37 The third planet of the C-111 system, Beta III was home to a pre-warp humanoid species. Approximately 6,000 years ago the planet was wracked by civil wars, so much so that a leader named Landru created a highly sophisticated computer system to solve the problem. The computer was capable of "absorbing" a person, radically altering their personality in order to make them dedicated to peaceful coexistence. Unfortunately this had the effect of stifling their natural emotions to such an extent that some form of outlet was needed; the computer solved this by allowing periodic release during "festivals", in which the population was encouraged to run riot. In 2167 the USS Enterprise visited the planet; Captain Kirk determined that the computer, which had also dubbed itself Landru, was stifling the society rather than continuing it. He destroyed the computer, leaving some sociologists to assist the population in forming a society of their own.37 The Return of the Archons
Beta Kupsic38 The Enterprise D was due to visit here in 236538 The Icarus Factor
Beta Lankal25 A Klingon subject world, Beta Lankal was one of the planets attacked during the Borg assault on the Alpha Quadrant in 2381. The planet was completely devastated in the attack.25 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Beta Moon39 Moon of Peliar Zel, at war with Alpha Moon39 The Host
Beta Rigel25 Beta Rigel was one of the planets attacked during the Borg assault on the Alpha Quadrant in 2381. The planet was badly damaged in the attack, but not completely devastated.25 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Beta Thoridar40 Klingon planet used as a base by the Duras forces40 Redemption, Part 2
Beta Thoridor25 A Klingon world, Beta Thoridor was one of the planets attacked during the Borg assault on the Alpha Quadrant in 2381. The planet was completely devastated in the attack.25 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Beta VI41 Destination of the Enterprise when it encountered Trelane41 The Squire of Gothos
Beta XII-A42 Planet on which the Enterprise captured Kang42 Day of the Dove
Betazed43 Home world of Betazoids; the Enterprise-D visited Betazed in 2366 for the biennial trade agreements conference.44 The planet was captured By Dominion forces during the war whilst its defending fleet was distraced by a practice exercise they were holding.43 In the Pale Moonlight
Beth Delta I45 Dr. Stubbs wished he could take Deanna Troi here for champagne45 Evolution
Bilana III46 Planet which is approximately three light years from Layma II. Bilana III was the site of the soliton drive test project in 2368.46 New Ground
Blue Horizon47 Terraformed By Gideon Seyetik47 Second Sight
Boam II48 A Human colony world located in the Taurus reach, Boam II was one of the first settlements the Federation placed in the area. In 2265 Cervantes Quinn was granted a contract to ship supplies from Starbase 47 to Boam II.48 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 2 - Summon the Thunder
Bokara VI49 Sixth planet of the Bokara system. In 2369 a neuropsychology conference was held on the planet, which Counselor Troi attended. Whilst there she was drugged and abducted by the Romulan underground movement and surgically altered to impersonate Major Rakal of the Tal Shiar, part of a plan to assist in the defection Romulan Vice-Proconsul M'ret.49 Face of the Enemy
Bolarus IX50 Home world of the Bolian people50 Allegiance
Bolias51 planetary Bank robbed51 Who Mourns for Morn?
Bopak III52 An uninhabited planet in the Gamma quadrant; it is six weeks Away from nearest Dominion outpost.52 Hippocratic Oath
Boraal II53 Home of the Boraalan people; these were largely rendered extinct in 2370 when the planet's atmosphere dissipated.53 Homeward
Boradis III54 Site of the first Federation outpost in the Boradis system, founded in 2331.54 The Emissary
Boranis III55 Gamma Quadrant planet infected with a deadly plague by the Jem'Hadar.55 The Quickening
Boreal III56 Home of a transport attacked by the Crystalline Entity56 Silicon Avatar
Boreth57 Klingon monastery57 The Way of the Warrior
Borzha II58 A Klingon planet in the Taurus reach. In 2266 the cruiser Zin'za was stationed at Borzha II when it received orders to proceed to the Jinoteur system to capture the USS Sagittarius. Commodore Reyes made a deal with Ganz to have the ship sabotaged to delay the mission whilst he rushed vital parts to the starship. The effort was not successful.58 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 3 - Reap The Whirlwind
Bracas V59 LaForge took a vacation here and went skin-diving59 The Loss
Braslota II60 Planet, site of federation war games in 236560 Peak Performance
Brax61 Q is known as "The God of Lies" on this planet61 Q-Less
Bre'el IV62 A moon was knocked out of orbit, threatening planetary destruction62 Deja Q
Brekka63 Home of the Brekkians. The Brekkians had no industry of their own, and were wholly dependant on imports from the neighbouring Ornara for their lavish lifestyle63 Symbiosis
Brentalia46 Planet used as a zoo for endangered species46 New Ground
Brinda IV64 Inhabited planet where half the population was reported to have been transported away by Orion traders to work as slave labor in their mining camps.64 Shadowplay
Bringloid V65 Planet which was the site of a Human colony. The colonists set off sometime between 2123 and 2190, intending to establish a low technology world. They thrived on the planet until 2365, when solar flare activity made the Bringloid V uninhabitable. The Enterprise-D evacuated the Bringloidi, subsequently resettling them in the nearby Mariposa colony.65 Up The Long Ladder
Browder IV50 Planet being terraformed in 236650 Allegiance
Bryma66 A planet in the de-militarised zone between the Federation and Cardassia.66 The Maquis, Part 2
Burala prime67 Planet where criminals could go to get their faces reconfigured. The people of the polar islands were considered friendly, but the cold there was unbearable for at least some species.67 Canamar
Bynaus68 Homeworld of Bynars. The planet's sun underwent a serious disturbance in 2364, threatening the global computer network which the Bynars depended on for survival. They survived the event thanks to a covert plot to use the Enterprise-D's main computer as a backup.68 11001001

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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