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Lwaxana Troi


Prime Timeline

Year Event
2328 Picture from 2328
1 Lwaxana marries Ian Andrew Troi.1
1 Kestra Troi is born.1
  People :  Deanna Troi, Kestra Troi
2 Deanna is born on Betazed.2
  People :  Deanna Troi
  Species :  Betazoids
1 Kestra dies in a swimming accident. Lwaxana suppresses the memory of Kestra for almost thirty five years.1
  People :  Deanna Troi, Kestra Troi
1 Ian Andrew Troi, dies.1
  People :  Deanna Troi
3 The Enterprise-D transports Lwaxana Troi to the Pacifica conference. Her telepathic abilities are able to reveal that the Antedean delegates intend to attack the conference with a bomb.3
  People :  Deanna Troi
  Species :  Antedean
4 Lwaxana and Deanna Troi are kidnapped by DaiMon Tog, a Ferengi. They are subsequently rescued by Captain Picard, with assistance from Wesley Crusher. Crusher's participation causes him to miss his transport to Starfleet Academy, forcing him to remain on the Enterprise. Captain Picard grants Wesley a field promotion to full Ensign.4
  People :  Deanna Troi, Wesley Crusher
  Species :  Ferengi
2367 Picture from 2367
5 The Enterprise-D hosts Timicin, a scientist from the planet Kaelon, who is experimenting with methods to re-ignite a dying star. Whist on board Timicin meets and falls in love with Lwaxana Troi. Unfortunately the relationship proves doomed, as Timicin has reached the age at which members of his society are expected to commit ritual suicide.5
  People :  Doctor Timicin
  Species :  Kaelon
2368 Picture from 2368
6 Lwaxana is engaged to Minister Campio; the engagement is broken when she arrives naked for the wedding.6
  People :  Minister Campio
7 A group of Federation Ambassadors, including Lwaxana Troi, visits Deep Space Nine.7
1 Excessive telepathic contact with Cairn forces Lwaxana to remember her daughter Kestra's death for the first time1
8 The Bajoran gratitude festival is held on Deep Space Nine. Lwaxana attends the festivities.8
  Species :  Bajorans
9 Lwaxana marries Jeyal. She subsequently dissolves the marriage and marries Odo.9

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Colour key

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 7 Dark Page
2 TNG 5 Conundrum
3 TNG 2 Manhunt
4 TNG 3 Menage a Troi
5 TNG 4 Half a Life
6 TNG 5 Cost of Living
7 DS9 1 The Forsaken
8 DS9 3 Fascination
9 DS9 4 The Muse
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Episode : Half a Life
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 5)
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Episode : The Forsaken
Series : DS9 Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode : Fascination
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Muse

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