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A Matter
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All Good
All Our
: Earth
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of Time

Eye of
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Green Men



The Edge
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The Voyage
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We'll Always
Have Paris
of Hell

Jean-Luc Picard

Prime Timeline

Year Event
2 billion bc Picture from -2000000000
1The first life forms were created on Earth. In a timeline created by Q, a temporal anomaly caused by Captain Picard disrupted this process and so erased Humanity from existence.1
  People :  Q
  Species :  Q, Humans
9,700 bc
2On the planet Kurl, an artist known only as the Master of Tarquin Hill worked to create ceramic artworks that were considered to be three hundred years ahead of their time. One of them, a Kurlan naiskos, would be presented to Captain Picard by Professor Galen in 2369.3
  Species :  Kurlans
4The civilization on Ventax II solve their social problems by signing a deal with Ardra, their equivalent of the Human devil. The pact agrees to make the planet and all its inhabitants the personal property of Ardra after one thousand years of peace and prosperity. An impostor attempts to claim the planet in 2367, but the ruse is uncovered by Captain Picard.4
  People :  Ardra
  Species :  Ventaxian
5The battle of Trafalgar takes place.6 One of Jean Luc Picard's ancestors takes part in the battle.7
  Species :  Humans
1893 Picture from 1893
A group of Devidians travel to Earth in this time period, killing humans by draining their electrochemical energy for use as nourishment. Data is catapulted back in time to this location from Devidia III in 2368. He meets several historical characters, including Samuel Clemens and Jack London. Also present is Guinan, who lived on Earth at this time. Some of the Enterprise-D crew travel back to the period to investigate the actions of the Devidians.8 Clemens is thrown forward into the future, though he is able to return shortly afterwards. The Enterprise is ultimately able to stop the aliens. This incident marks the first time that Guinan meets Captain Picard - though not the first time that Captain Picard meets Guinan.9
  People :  Guinan
  Species :  Devidian, Humans
2305 Picture from 2305
10Picard is born in LaBarre, France, on Earth.11
12Picard applies to Starfleet Academy for the first time and is rejected.12
2323 Picture from 2323
13Picard is admitted to Starfleet Academy at his second attempt.12
14During his sophmore year at Starfleet Academy, Jean-Luc Picard is assigned to Morikin Seven for training. Whilst there he has his first encounter with the Nausicaans, who had an outpost on one of the outlying asteroids in the system.14
  Species :  Nausicaans
13Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy.11
2333 Picture from 2333
14Picard assumes command of the Constellation class USS Stargazer.14
15Jack Crusher is killed whilst serving on board the USS Stargazer as a result of orders issued by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.15
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Jack Crusher
16Whilst Captain of the USS Stargazer, Captain Picard visits the planet Chalnoth.17
18Picard participates in the Battle of Maxia against a Ferengi vessel. Picard invents a new tactical ploy to win the battle, later dubbed the "Picard Manoeuvre". Although the enemy is defeated, the badly damaged Stargazer is abandoned and believed lost.18
  Species :  Ferengi
In accordance with standard procedure, Captain Picard is court martialled for the loss of the USS Stargazer. Captain Phillipa Lovouis prosecutes.19 During the trial Louvois, who is involved in a romantic relationship with Picard, uses private information from their relationship against him in her cross-examination. She is censured by the court for prosecutorial misconduct.20 Captain Picard is exonerated by the court martial. Louvois subsequently leaves Starfleet, feeling she has been forced out.19
  People :  Captain Phillipa Louvois
2363 Picture from 2363
21The USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D, is launched.21
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Natasha Yar, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Wesley Crusher
2364 Picture from 2364
22The USS Enteprise-D is commissioned. Joining the crew for the launch are Counsellor Deanna Troi, Tactical Officer Natasha Yar, Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf, Chief O'Brien, and Captain Jean Luc Picard.22
  People :  Deanna Troi, Data, Natasha Yar, Miles Edward O'Brien, Worf Rozhenko
22First Contact is made with the Q continuum when a Q stops the Enterprise and puts the crew on trial for the alleged crimes of humanity. Q agrees that the ship's current Farpoint mission will make a good test of whether humanity is currently worthy of being allowed space exploration.22
  People :  Q
  Species :  Q
Picture from 2364
18The Enterprise encounters a Ferengi ship at the Xendi Sabu whose commander, Bok, presents Captain Picard with a gift - the USS Stargazer, which had been believed lost in 2355. The gift proves to be a ruse, part of a plot by Bok to kill Picard. The plot is foiled by the Enterprise-D crew.18
  People :  DaiMon Bok
  Species :  Ferengi
12The Enterprise visits Relva III, where applicants for Starfleet Academy are to undergo final testing for admittance. Wesley Crusher participates, but fails the entrance exam. Whilst there the Enterprise crew is investigated by Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, on the orders of Admiral Quinn.12
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, Quinn
23The Enterprise-D investigates a "time slip" phenomenon, tracking a distress call to the Vandor system, location of the laboratory of Dr. Manheim. Manheim's experiments on time caused the time slips when an accident caused an explosion in his laboratory. The Enterprise crew are able to repair the damage. In the process, Jean-Luc Picard reconnects with an old romantic interest, now Manheim's wife.23
  People :  Jenice Manheim
24The Enterprise-D is diverted to the planet Dytallix B by a message from Walker Keel. Keel and several other Captains feel that something mysterious is going on at Starfleet command. Investigation shows that Starfleet has been infiltrated by a parasitic alien species. Captain Picard and Commander Riker are able to defeat the aliens.24
  People :  Walker Keel
  Species :  Parasites
2365 Picture from 2365
Q hurls the Enterprise-D some seven thousand light years through space to star system J-25. Whilst there the ship encounters the Borg collective, marking the official contact between the Federation and this species. Although Q terminates the encounter, the Borg send a ship towards Federation space.25
  Species :  Humans, Borg, Q, Humans
Picture from 2365
26Captain Picard visits the Starbase 515 medical facility for a routine replacement of his artificial heart. Whilst away, the Enterprise-D encounters a group of Pakled who are stealing technology from more advanced races. The Pakled kidnap Geordi LaForge in an attempt to make the Enterprise give up some advanced technology. The Enterprise crew is able to overcome the Pakled.26
  Species :  Pakled
27The Enterprise-D is informed by the Sheliak that they intend to destroy the human colony on Tau Cygna V, as the planet lies within space which has been conceded to them by a Federation treaty. Lieutenant Commander Data is able to convince the colonists to evacuate the planet, whilst Captain Picard is able to convince the Sheliak to hold off on their attack long enough for the evacuation to take place.27
  People :  Data
  Species :  Sheliak
Picture from 2366
17Captain Picard is briefly abducted from the Enterprise-D and replaced with an alien copy. Picard is eventually able to escape confinement and return to the ship.17
28Captain Picard visits Raisa for a vacation. His plans are complicated when he meets Vash and Sovak, who are both determined to gain possession of an artifact from the future, the Tox'utat. Matters are even further complicated when a pair of Vorgons from the future arrive to claim the Utat. Picard denies all sides by destroying the device.28
  People :  Vash, Sovak, Boratus, Ajur
  Species :  Vorgon, Ferengi
29The Enterprise-D transports Ambassador Sarek to take part in the Legarans conference, which he has been working towards since 2273. Sarek's participation is threatened when it is discovered that he is suffering from Bendi syndrome. A mind meld with Captain Picard allows Sarek to complete his mission.29
  People :  Sarek, Spock
  Species :  Vulcans
Picture from 2366
6Picard is captured by the Borg and forced to become a member of the collective.6 He manages to relay information to the crew of the Enterprise-D which allows the Borg to be defeated by Riker whilst he is commanding the Enterprise-D in Picard's place.30
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Borg
2367 Picture from 2367
30The Battle of Wolf 359 occurs. Thirty nine Federation Starships and eleven thousand personnel are lost in the battle. In the aftermath, the Enterprise manages to rescue Captain Picard and use his link to the Borg collective to destroy the ship.30
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Wesley Crusher, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  Species :  Borg, Humans
31Captain Picard visits the family home in La Barre, France. Whilst there he is able to reconcile the long-standing feud with his brother and begin the process of recovering from his experiences with the Borg.31
  People :  Rene Picard, Robert Picard
32Wesley Crusher accompanies Captain Picard and Dirgo on a mission to Pentarus V. The three are marooned on a barren planet when their shuttle crashlands. Ensign Crusher is able to access a local water source through the forcefield and defence system protecting it, keeping Picard alive until rescue arrives. Subsequently, he departs for Starfleet Academy.32
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Dirgo
33Q recreates the legend of Robin Hood with the Enterprise-D senior officers in the outlaw roles, in order to force Captain Picard to admit that he is in love with Vash.33
  People :  Q, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Vash
  Species :  Q
34Admiral Satie arrives aboard the Enterprise-D to investigate the recent explosion on board. A Klingon travelling on the ship, J'Dan, is quickly revealed as a spy, but Satie becomes convinced that there is a massive conspiracy afoot. Picard is able to convince Admiral Henry to put an end to the increasingly fanatical investigation.34
  People :  Admiral Norah Satie, Admiral Thomas Henry, Crewman Simon Tarses, J'Dan
2368 Picture from 2368
35After discovering that the Romulans are assisting the Duras family, Starfleet sends a fleet to the Romulan-Klingon border commanded by Captain Picard. The fleet is successful in preventing Romulan border crossings. Gowron's forces defeat the Duras family, although the sisters Lursa and B'Etor escape.35
  People :  Gowron, Lursa, B'Etor, Sela, Toral, Kurn
  Species :  Romulans, Klingons, Humans
Picture from 2368
36The Enterprise-D meets a Tamarian ship. All efforts to forge a relationship with the Tamarians have previously proved impossible, as their language appears incomprehensible. Captain Picard is able to overcome the language issue and successfully arrive at an understanding with the Tamarians.36
  People :  Captain Dathon
  Species :  Tamarians
37Ensign Ro Laren joins the crew of the Enterprise in order to take part in a mission to contact a Bajoran terrorist group who recently attacked a Federation colony on Solarion IV and negotiate to prevent further attacks. The mission proves to be a ruse by Starfleet Admiral Kennelly, who is working with the Cardassians in order to eliminate the group. Captain Picard is able to overcome the ruse. In the aftermath, Ensign Ro joins the crew permanently.37
  People :  Ro Laren, Admiral Kennelly
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
Picture from 2368
38Spock goes to Romulus without authorisation in order to work undercover toward the goal of re-unification. Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data are sent to Romulus in a Klingon Bird of Prey to investigate.38
  People :  Spock, Data
  Species :  Romulans, Vulcans
39Captain Picard is able to make contact with Ambassador Spock on Romulus and, with his help, warn the Federation of a Romulan plot to invade Vulcan. With this warning, the Enterprise-D is able to turn back the invasion force. The success is tempered by the death of Spock's father, Sarek, who has long been suffering from Bendi syndrome.39
  People :  Spock, Sarek, Sela, Data
  Species :  Romulans, Vulcans
40The Enterprise-D transports Ambassador Briam and Kamala to negotiations aimed at ending the war between the Kriosian and Valtese people - negotiations which include Kamala taking part in an arranged marriage with the Valtese leader, Alrik. Although romantic feelings develop between Picard and Kamala, she decides to procede with the wedding.40
  People :  Chancellor Alrik, Kamala
  Species :  Valtese, Kriosians
The Enterprise-D encounters the Kataanian probe which has been drifting through space for the last thousand years. The probe implants into Captain Picard memories covering a lifetime as a Kataanian citizen, in an attempt to preserve knowledge of their way of life.41
  Species :  Kataanians
42A transporter accident reduces Captain Picard, Guinan, and Ensign Ro to physical childhood. As the crew attempt to deal with the situation, a group of Ferendi are able to capture the ship. Fortunately the crew are able to regain command and return their crewmates back to normal.42
  People :  Guinan, Ro Laren
  Species :  Ferengi
43Admiral Nechayev relieves Captain Picard of his command and assigns him, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Crusher to a mission to infiltrate Celtris III. Picard is captured on the mission.43
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher
Picture from 2369
44Captain Jellico, in temporary command of the Enterprise-D, mines the McAllister nebula to force a Cardassian fleet hiding there to surrender. He orders Captain Picard's release. Picard subsequently returns to the Enterprise-D.44
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Edward Jellico
14Captain Picard is badly wounded in a Lenarian attack whilst conducting negotiations. He will later report a near death experience, possibly created by Q.14
  People :  Q
  Species :  Q, Lenarian
45The Enterprise-D visits the Remmler array for a routine baryon sweep. Whilst there a group of terrorists attempt to steal a quantity of trilithium resign from the ship's engines. Captain Picard is able to foil the attempt.45
Picture from 2369
46Captain Picard engages in a romantic relationship with Commander Nella Darren, the head of stellar cartography. The relationship ends when Picard realises that he cannot successfully deal with Darren on a personal and professional bases simultansously. She agrees to request a transfer.46
  People :  Nella Daren
3Professor Galen visits the Enterprise-D. After the visit, Galen is attacked and killed by a Yridian ship. Captain Picard takes up the last investigation Galen was engaged on, discovering an ancient message left by the first Humanoid beings in our galaxy. Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians also engage in the attempt to discover the message.3
  People :  Professor Richard Galen
  Species :  Progenitors, Yridians, Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians
47The Enterprise-D is stranded in a frozen moment of time due to an accident whilst assisting a Romulan Warbird in distress. Captain Picard, returning to the ship from a conference, is able to free it.47
  Species :  Romulans, Quantum Singularity Life Form
2370 Picture from 2370
48Dr. Beverly Crusher, in command of the Enterprise during the absence of Captain Picard, is successful in destroying the Borg vessel. Lieutenant Commander LaForge manages to reinitiate Data's ethical subroutine; Data disables and then dismantles Lore.48
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Geordi LaForge, Data, Lore
49The Enterprise-D meets with a group of Iyaaran representatives. Despite some cultural misunderstandings, the contact is ultimately a success.49
  People :  Byleth, Loquel, Voval
  Species :  Iyaaran
Picture from 2370
50A group of mercenaries led by Arctus Baran begin stealing Vulcan artefacts from various sites. Captain Picard is abducted by the group and begins to work for them, seeking to find out their intent. Commander Riker is also abducted.50
  People :  Arctus Baran
51Captain Picard and Commander Riker discover that Arctus Baran's mercenary group is being manipulated by Romulan agent Tallera, who is seeking to gain control of a telepathic weapon. They are able to foil Tallera's plans.51
  People :  Tallera, Arctus Baran, William T. Riker
  Species :  Romulans, Vulcans
The Enterprise-D visits Kesprytt III, a planet containing two civilisations, one of which is applying for Federation Membership. Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher are abducted by the Prytt, although they manage to escape. Commander Riker recommends against membership for the Kes.52
  People :  Beverly Crusher
  Species :  Kesprytt
Picture from 2370
53Barclay becomes the first sufferer of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome. A treatment developed by Beverly Crusher creates the disease, which causes most of the Enterprise-D crew to mutate to animal forms.53
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge
54Daimon Bok threatens to kill Jason Vigo, whom he claims is Captain Picard's son. Investigation proves that Vigo is not in fact any relation to Picard.54
  People :  DaiMon Bok, Jason Vigo
55Jean-Luc Picard convinces the Q to allow Humanity to continue to exist by demonstrating that we are capable of understanding the so-called limitless possibilities of existence. The experience involves Picard visiting alternate timelines created by Q, which draws the Captain closer to his crew and leads to him joining the regular senior officers poker game for the first time.55
2371 Picture from 2371
7Worf is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Data installs the emotion chip he acquired from Lore. The Amargosa star system is destroyed by Dr. Tolian Soran. The Enterprise-D is destroyed whilst attempting to prevent Dr. Soran from similarly destroying the Veridian system. Captain Kirk is killed attempting to stop Soran.7
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, James T. Kirk
  Species :  El-Aurians
2372 Picture from 2372
56Captain Picard is assigned command of the Enterprise-E. He takes many of his Enterprise-D crew with him.56
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge
2373 Picture from 2373
57The second Borg invasion of the Federation. The cube is defeated by a Federation fleet including the USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-E. The Enterprise-E subsequently travels back in time to 2063 in order to prevent the Borg from creating an alternate timeline in which the Federation is never created.58
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Reginald Barclay, Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Borg, Humans
59The Enterprise-E travels to Romulus to meet Praetor Shinzon. Shinzon attempts to destroy the Enterprise-E as part of a plot to launch a war against the Federation. Data is killed59
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Worf Rozhenko, Reginald Barclay
2381 Picture from 2381
60Captain Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher begin a romantic relationship, and subsequently marry.60
  People :  Beverly Crusher
61The Borg launch an all-out assault against the Alpha Quadrant, with the intent of annihilating the Federation and other major powers completely. The Borg travel to the Federation by a new unknown means, differing from transwarp, wormholes, slipstream, etc. Sensor readings of the method indicate a similarity to readings taken on the NX-02.61
  People :  Dax
  Species :  Borg, Humans, Klingons, Demons
Picture from 2381
61The Aventine journies to the Delta Quadrant to visit the crash site of the NX-02 in order to explore any possible connection with the new method of travel being employed by the Borg. The ship is forced to return after a short investigation of the wreck.61
  People :  Dax
62A fleet of Borg cubes enters the Alpha Quadrant, obliterating a huge fleet of Federation, Klingon, Romulan and other allies. The Borg begin to sweep across the Quadrant, destroying everything in their path.62
  People :  Dax
63The Caeliar decide to intervene in the Borg conflict when it is discovered that the Borg were originally created by a dying Caeliar millennia earlier. The Caeliar remove the nanoprobes from all Borg, freeing every member of the collective and effectively rendering the Borg species extinct.63
  People :  Dax
  Species :  Borg

● - Shows the canon status of the year for this event
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 7 All Good Things Q told Picard this was 2 billion years ago, give or take an eon
2 TNG 6 The Chase Said by Picard to be over 12,000 years prior to the episode in 2369. This is a rounded date.
3 TNG 6 The Chase
4 TNG 4 Devil's Due The contract was said to have been for one thousand years
5 Speculative Real world date
6 TNG 3 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
7 Star Trek : Generations
8 TNG 5 Time's Arrow, Part 1
9 TNG 6 Time's Arrow, Part 2
10 Star Trek Chronology Page 93
11 TNG 5 The First Duty
12 TNG 1 Coming of Age
13 Star Trek Chronology Page 95
14 TNG 6 Tapestry
15 TNG 6 True-Q
16 TNG 3 Allegiance 'Picard says he visited the planet 12 years prior to the episode, which is set in 2366
17 TNG 3 Allegiance
18 TNG 1 The Battle
19 TNG 2 The Measure of a Man
20 Star Trek - The Lost Years 7 : The Buried Age
21 TNG 7 All Good Things The episode makes it clear that the ship is launched very shortly before the Farpoint mission
22 TNG 1 Encounter at Farpoint
23 TNG 1 We'll Always Have Paris
24 TNG 1 Conspiracy
25 TNG 2 Q Who
26 TNG 2 Samaritan Snare
27 TNG 3 The Ensigns of Command
28 TNG 3 Captain's Holiday
29 TNG 3 Sarek
30 TNG 4 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
31 TNG 4 Family
32 TNG 4 Final Mission
33 TNG 4 Qpid
34 TNG 4 The Drumhead
35 TNG 5 Redemption, Part 2
36 TNG 5 Darmok
37 TNG 5 Ensign Ro
38 TNG 5 Unification, Part 1
39 TNG 5 Unification, Part 2
40 TNG 5 The Perfect Mate
41 TNG 5 The Inner Light
42 TNG 6 Rascals
43 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 1
44 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 2
45 TNG 6 Starship Mine
46 TNG 6 Lessons
47 TNG 6 Timescape
48 TNG 7 Descent, Part 2
49 TNG 7 Liaisons
50 TNG 7 Gambit, Part 1
51 TNG 7 Gambit, Part 2
52 TNG 7 Attached
53 TNG 7 Genesis
54 TNG 7 Bloodlines
55 TNG 7 All Good Things
56 Star Trek : First Contact Geordi said the ship had been in shakedown for almost a year
57 Star Trek : First Contact Placed according to Stardate. This conflicts with Cpatain Sisko's mention of the recent Borg attack in the episode In Purgatory's Shadow.
58 Star Trek : First Contact
59 Star Trek : Nemesis
60 Greater Than the Sum
61 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 1 - Gods of Night
62 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 2 - Mere Mortals
63 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 7)
Episode : All Good Things
Comment : Q told Picard this was 2 billion years ago, give or take an eon
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Chase
Comment : Said by Picard to be over 12,000 years prior to the episode in 2369. This is a rounded date.
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Chase
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 3)
Episode : Devil's Due
Comment : The contract was said to have been for one thousand years
Source : Speculative
Comment : Real world date
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Film: Star Trek : Generations
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 6)
Episode : Time's Arrow, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 1)
Episode : Time's Arrow, Part 2
Book : Star Trek Chronology
Comment : Page 93
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 4)
Episode : The First Duty
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Coming of Age
Book : Star Trek Chronology
Comment : Page 95
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 4)
Episode : Tapestry
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 2)
Episode : True-Q
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : Allegiance
Comment : 'Picard says he visited the planet 12 years prior to the episode, which is set in 2366
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : Allegiance
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Battle
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Measure of a Man
Novel : Star Trek - The Lost Years 7 : The Buried Age
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 7)
Episode : All Good Things
Comment : The episode makes it clear that the ship is launched very shortly before the Farpoint mission
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Encounter at Farpoint
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : We'll Always Have Paris
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 6)
Episode : Conspiracy
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Q Who
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Samaritan Snare
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Ensigns of Command
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : Captain's Holiday
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 5)
Episode : Sarek
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : Family
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Final Mission
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : Qpid
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Drumhead
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 1)
Episode : Redemption, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 1)
Episode : Darmok
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 1)
Episode : Ensign Ro
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 2)
Episode : Unification, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 2)
Episode : Unification, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Perfect Mate
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Inner Light
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 2)
Episode : Rascals
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 3)
Episode : Chain of Command, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 3)
Episode : Chain of Command, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 4)
Episode : Starship Mine
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 4)
Episode : Lessons
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 6)
Episode : Timescape
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 1)
Episode : Descent, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 1)
Episode : Liaisons
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 1)
Episode : Gambit, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 2)
Episode : Gambit, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 2)
Episode : Attached
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 5)
Episode : Genesis
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 6)
Episode : Bloodlines
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 7)
Episode : All Good Things
Film: Star Trek : First Contact
Comment : Geordi said the ship had been in shakedown for almost a year
Film: Star Trek : First Contact
Comment : Placed according to Stardate. This conflicts with Cpatain Sisko's mention of the recent Borg attack in the episode In Purgatory's Shadow.
Film: Star Trek : First Contact
Film: Star Trek : Nemesis
Novel : Greater Than the Sum
Novel : Star Trek : Destiny, Book 1 - Gods of Night
Novel : Star Trek : Destiny, Book 2 - Mere Mortals
Novel : Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls

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