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Harry Kim


Quote Episode
"Human beings do not survive on bread alone, you poor, soulless creature, but on the nourishments of liberty. For what indeed is a man without freedom, naught but a mechanism, trapped in the cogwheels of eternity." - Harry to Norman
TOS : I, Mudd
"You once told me that you used to treat life like one big game. Rules, players, winners, losers... you never took any of it seriously, until you lost." - Kim to Paris
VOY : Non Sequitur
Paris : "It's a date! These things can't be rushed. They've probably just finished dinner, a couple of drinks, and now they are moving past the polite stage."
Kim : "The polite stage? The last 8472 I met tried to dissolve me from the inside out!"
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim
VOY : In the Flesh
"We didn't burst into flames in the last chapter! Why are these recaps always so inaccurate?" - Kim; commenting on the 'last time on captain proton' segment
VOY : Bride of Chaotica!
"I held you up as an example of how an artificial intelligence could exceed its programming. I didn't realize how true that was...until today." - Kim to the EMH
VOY : Warhead
"I didn't notice a little box on my chair!" - Harry; after Tom gets promoted, bemoaning his six years as an Ensign
VOY : Unimatrix Zero, Part 1

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