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Major Kira Nerys

Quote Episode
Mullibok : "The Cardassians probably told you you didn't stand a chance either. Did you surrender?"
Kira : "No."
Mullibok : "Why do you expect me to act any different than you?"
  People :  Mullibok, Major Kira Nerys
DS9 : Progress
"Nothing justifies genocide." - Kira to Marritza
DS9 : Duet
"If you want to change the government, Minister Jaro, you vote to change it. You don't sneak up from behind it with a dagger." - Kira to Jaro
DS9 : The Circle
"You're trying to be a hero. Terrorists don't get to be heros." - Kira to Thomas Riker
DS9 : Defiant
Sisko : "Do you really believe that I'm the Emissary?"
Kira : "I guess I always have. I never wanted to admit it to myself. It's hard to work for someone who's a religious icon."
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
DS9 : Destiny
"The best way to survive a knife fight is never to get in one." - Kira to Ziyal
DS9 : Return to Grace
"He wanted to protect the innocent, and separate the darkness from the light. But he didn't realise that a light only shines in the dark." - Kira to Odo
DS9 : The Darkness and the Light
"Everyone has their reasons. That's what's so terrifying; people can find a way to justify any action, no matter how evil." - Kira to Ziyal
DS9 : By Inferno's Light
"They kill us, we kill them... it's nothing worth celebrating." - Kira to Furel; regarding the Cardassians
DS9 : Ties of Blood and Water
"We all have scars, of one kind or another." - Kira Nerys to Kira Meru
DS9 : Wrongs Darker than Death or Night

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