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Jake Sisko

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Jake Sisko1
Species : Humans

Son of captain Benjamin Sisko and Jennifer Sisko, Jake was born in 2355.2 As a child he was traumatised by the death of his mother at the battle of Wolf 359 whilst his father was posted on the USS Saratoga. After the battle Jake moved to the Utopia Fleet yards for several years before moving to Deep Space Nine with his father. He was disappointed at the poor standard of accommodation on the station1 and the relative lack of people his own age though he did become good friends with Nog3, who he taught to read.4 Jake and Nog eventually moved in together when Nog returned to the station from Starfleet Academy.5

Ben always assumed that Jake would join Starfleet Academy, but Jake did not see himself as a Starfleet officer and he refused to make the attempt. He loved to write, and saw this as a possible career for himself. He was accepted to the Pennington school for writing but did not attend.6 He took a job with the Federation News Service, reporting on life on Deep Space Nine and the events of the Klingon and Dominion wars. During the Klingon war Jake was stranded with Dr. Bashir on a Federation-occupied planet which was under attack by the Klingons. Jake found it extremely difficult to cope with the pressures of combat. He panicked on two occasions when under fire, and began to think of himself as a coward. After being rescued Jake wrote an honest account of his actions and emotions, something which his father commented was in itself an act of great bravery. 7

Jake shared his father’s strong fondness for baseball and the two regularly played together in the station’s holosuites. On one notable occasion Buck Bokai followed Jake out of the holosuite having apparently come to life – in actual fact this was a result of interference from aliens who were studing the Human concept of imagination.8 When Ben was depressed at the events leading up to the Dominion war Jake and Nog went to considerable lengths to obtain a Willie Mays baseball card as a birthday present for him. Not only did this succeed in cheering Ben up, but the various dealings they had to go through to obtain the card raised morale on the entire station.9 He also played as part of the Deep Space Niners baseball team.10

When the station fell to the Dominion Jake remained on board and continued to try and report from there, though he ran into problems with censorship. This decision greatly angered his father, but it did force him to confront the fact that his son was now old enough to make his own decisions, and in some ways this marked Jake’s final progression to adulthood.11

Jake was chosen by the pagh-wraiths as their representative in the Reckoning, a confrontation with the Prophets which was to take place on Deep Space Nine. His father declined to interrupt the battle, trusting that the Prophets would not allow his son to come to harm. However, the Reckoning was interrupted by Kai Winn who lacked faith in the outcome and was jealous of Kira’s position as the representative of the Prophets in the battle.12

After the liberation of Deep Space Nine Jake continued to report on the war. He was aboard the USS Defiant during the invasion of the Chintoka system.13

Jake liked to play matchmaker for his father and he introduced him to Captain Kasidy Yates14, who would eventually become his second wife. Jake served as the best man at their wedding.15 Jake was devastated when his father ascended to a higher level of being and chose to join the Prophets in the wormhole after the end of the Dominion war. He remained on Deep Space Nine after Colonel Kira took command.16

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

DS91Thomas HobsonEmissary
DS91,2,3,4,5,6,7Cirroc Lofton


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