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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Sarek1
Species : Vulcans

One of the most revered Vulcans of recent memory, Sarek was a noted diplomat with a career which spanned over a century and included many notable accomplishments.2 He was part of the team which negotiated Coridan’s admission to the Federation in 22671, agreed some of the early treaties between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, negotiated the Alpha Cygnus IX treaty, and spent decades bringing about the treaty between the Federation and the Legarans2 He spoke in front of the Federation council on occasion3, and was a close confidant of at least one Federation President.4

Sarek had two sons; the first, Sybok, by a Vulcan princess5 and the second, Spock, by his wife Amanda. Sarek did not approve of Spock’s decision to join Starfleet Academy, having intended for him to join the Vulcan Science Academy instead, and the two did not speak for many years afterwards.1 When Spock was killed on the Enterprise during the Genesis mission Sarek assumed that he would have passed his Katra to Kirk, but a mind meld with the Admiral showed him that this was not the case. Kirk realised that Spock had instead passed his Katra to McCoy, and he took McCoy and Spock’s regenerated body to Vulcan where Sarek asked for the Katra to be reunited with the body.3 When Spock returned to normal Starfleet service afterwards Sarek confessed that he may have been mistaken in opposing his original decision to enlist.6

Although the two remained on good terms for many years afterwards, they were again driven apart when Spock publicly opposed his father’s position over the Cardassian crisis.7 When Sarek contracted Bendii Syndrome he used a mind meld with Captain Picard to help him regain his emotional stability for the final Legaran negotiations. Picard experienced Sarek’s emotions as a result, including his powerful love for his wife and son.2 Sarek’s condition continued to deteriorate after the treaty was signed, and he died in 2368. Although a reconciliation with Spock was no longer possible, Picard offered Spock the chance to meld with him so that he could sense his father’s emotions.8

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TOS2Mark LenardJourney to Babel
TNG3Mark LenardSarek
TNG5Mark LenardUnification, Part 1
TAS1Mark LenardYesteryear
Mark LenardThe Search for Spock
Mark LenardThe Voyage Home
Jonathan SimpsonThe Final Frontier
Mark LenardThe Undiscovered Country


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