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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Seska1
Species : Cardassians

A Bajoran member of the Maquis who operated aboard Chakotay’s ship in 2370, Seska was romantically involved with Chakotay. She was somewhat reluctant to become a full member of Voyager’s crew – when B’Elanna Torres was threatened with disciplinary action for striking Lieutenant Carey, Seska offered to assist Chakotay in taking over the ship.2 Seska also supported illegally obtaining the Sikarian trajectory technology to allow Voyager to return home.3

On stardate 48658.2 Captain Janeway discovered that the Kazon had acquired replicator technology from somebody aboard Voyager. An investigation revealed that Seska was the person responsible, and that she was not in fact Bajoran but was a Cardassian who had been modified to appear Bajoran in order to infiltrate the Maquis. Seska was able to escape the ship and joined the Kazon.4

During her time with the Kazon Seska began to restore her original appearance. She became romantically involved with First Maje Culluh, leader of the Kazon-Nistrim sect. Seska gave the Kazon the benefits of both Cardassian, Maquis and Federation expertise, allowing a great improvement in their effectiveness. Under her guidance the Kazon were able to mount a successful raid against Voyager, stealing transporter technology. She hoped to be able to use this technology to unite Kazon support behind Culluh, but was thwarted in this aim when Chakotay managed to board her ship and destroy the stolen equipment. Seska would later claim that she had impregnated herself with Chakotay’s DNA whilst he was her prisoner aboard the ship.5

The traitor Michael Jonas fed information to Seska6, and sabotaged Voyager under her instructions as part of a plot to capture the ship.7

In 2372, Seska transmitted a message to Voyager claiming that Culluh was threatening to kill her after she gave birth to a child which was clearly not his. Voyager attempted a rescue mission, but the situation was in fact a trap engineered by Seska and she finally managed to capture the ship, abandoning the crew on Hanon IV.8 Fortunately Lieutenant Paris, the EMH and Lon Suder were able to enlist some Talaxian assistance in recapturing the ship. Suder sabotaged Voyager’s weapons, creating an overload in the phaser arrays when Seska ordered them fired. Seska was killed by the overload. Culluh escaped Voyager with her child, which was indeed his rather than Chakotay’s.9

Although now dead, Seska had one last surprise for Voyager’s crew. She had discovered a holoprogram which simulated a Maquis rebellion against Voyager’s crew, created by Tuvok for training purposes in early 2371. Seska modified the program to make it far more hazardous for the participants. Paris and Tuvok were nearly killed using the program, but fortunately they managed to outwit Seska and escape.10

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
VOY1Martha HackettParallax
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VOY1Martha HackettState of Flux
VOY2Martha HackettManeuvers
VOY2Martha HackettAlliances
VOY2Martha HackettLifesigns
VOY2Martha HackettBasics, Part 1
VOY3Martha HackettBasics, Part 2
VOY3Martha HackettWorst Case Scenario
VOY7Martha HackettShattered


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