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Ambassador Soval

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Ambassador Soval1
Species : Vulcans

Soval was the Vulcan ambassador to Earth during the early 2150s. Like most Vulcans he was dubious about Earth's readiness to launch exploration missions into deep space, and he opposed the NX-01s returning of the Klingon agent Klaang to his home world.1 His attitude was not exactly improved when Captain Archer revealed the existence of the secret Vulcan listening post on P'Jem to the Andorians.2 When Enterprise was apparently responsible for the destruction of an alien mining colony with the loss of thousands of lives, Soval convinced Admiral Forrest to cancel Enterprise's mission.3 Fortunately it transpired that it was in fact the Suliban who were to blame.4 Soval was distrustful of the Andorians, but managed to overcome this and sign a peace deal with them thanks to Archer's mediation.5Soval also cautioned Forrest against sending Enterprise into the Expanse in the wake of the Xindi attack on Earth, but was again overruled.6 Soval was part of the team which debriefed Archer after the mission in the Expanse. He questioned the morality of some of Archer's actions, but admitted that they were necessary given the circumstances and finally admitted that he had been wrong to oppose Archer's appointment as Captain of the NX-01.7 In 2154 Soval was injured in the bombing of the Humans embassy on Vulcan. He supported the subsequent investigation even though it revealed a conspiracy originating at the upper echelons of the High Command itself.8 It ubsequently became clear that V'Las, the leader of the High Command, had ordered the bombing in order to give himself an excuse to exterminate the Syrannites and so pave the way for an attack on Andoria.9 Soval decided to warn the Andorians of the impending attack. He was abducted from Enterprise and tortured for information by Shran, but was ultimately able to convince Shran of his honourable intentions.10

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

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ENT4Gary GrahamAwakening
ENT4Gary GrahamKir'Shara
ENT4Gary GrahamTerra Prime


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