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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Morn1
Species : Lurians

A Lurian, Morn was a longstanding resident of Deep Space Nine and a frequent customer of Quark's bar.2 Indeed, so common a sight was Morn at the bar that Quark once mused that the 286th rule of acquisition should read "when Morn leaves, it's all over.'3

Morn was a highly talkative person4 who was known for being very excitable. For instance, when Quark informed him that it was unlikely that the station would survive the impending Dominion war, Morn threw a barstool at him and ran around the Promenade screaming 'We're all doomed!' before going into the Bajoran shrine and begging the prophets for help.5 However, during the occupation of Deep Space Nine in 2374 Morn agreed to act as a courier for Kira's conspiracy against the Dominion, carrying information to the Federation concerning the Dominion's plan to destroy the minefield surrounding the Bajoran wormhole.6

Morn ran a shipping business, but he also took part in illegal activities. He was one of the partners who mounted the Lissepian Mother's Day heist, breaking into the central bank during a major celebration and making off with 1,000 bricks of Gold Pressed Latinum. Morn cheated his partners out of their share of the money. He extracted the Latinum from the bricks and drank it, keeping it in his second stomach - which apparently caused all of his hair to fall out. In 2374 Morn faked his own death and left his belongings to Quark as part of a plot to trick his ex-partners into revealing themselves. The plot was successful, though Quark was nearly killed several times in the process.4

Morn was a friend of Jadzia Dax, and once asked her out on a date - an invitation she declined despite thinking that he was cute.7 Morn attended Dax's pre-wedding party, where he got so drunk that he passed out on the floor until the next morning.8

Morn had an extensive family, with no less than seventeen brothers and sisters.9

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

DS91Mark Allen ShepherdEmissary
DS96Mark Allen ShepherdWho Mourns for Morn?


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