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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Guinan1
Species : El-Aurians

Guinan was an El-Aurian2 who served as bartender in the ten forward area of the Enterprise-D.1 Guinan's people were all but wiped out when the Borg attacked their system in the late 23rd century, but she survived because she was not there at the time.3 She was a refugee on the transport Lakul in 2293 when it was threatened by the anomaly known as the nexus, and was briefly swept into the blissful existence within before being rescued by Captain Kirk. She always longed to return to the nexus, but managed to contain the feeling.2 Guinan spent time on Earth in the late 19th century where her friends included Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. She first met Captain Picard when he travelled there from the 24th century.4 El Aurians are very long lived; Guinan's father was 200 years old when she was born and she herself was around 500 during her time on the Enterprise-D.5 Guinan had some dealings with Q in the late 22nd century and the two disliked one another intensely3, so she found great pleasre in tormenting him when his powers were withdrawn by the continuum.6 Guinan has been married several times, and has many children.7 Guinan had a sense of space-time, which allowed her to sense changes to the 'normal' timeline. When the Enterprise-C came through a temporal anomaly and so changed history, Guinan was able to persade the alternate Captain Picard to return the ship in order to restore history.8

Although she was friendly to most people, Guinan was extremely selective about who she called a friend. She did strike up an instant friendship with Ensign Ro Laren however, and helped her and Captain Picard to trust one another sufficiently to ncover a plot by Starfleet Admiral Kennelly to assist the Cardassians in their attempts to destroy the Bajoran resistance movement.9 Despite her normal easygoing nature Guinan continued to harbour a great hatred of the Borg. When the Enterprise-D picked up a survivor from a Borg ship she found herself struggling with her feelings, but she was eventually able to overcome her hatred and advised Captain Picard to allow the drone to live.10

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TNG2Whoopi GoldbergThe Child
TNG2Whoopi GoldbergThe Outrageous Okona
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TNG2Whoopi GoldbergThe Dauphin
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TNG3Whoopi GoldbergDeja Q
TNG4Whoopi GoldbergThe Loss
TNG4Whoopi GoldbergGalaxy's Child
TNG4Whoopi GoldbergNight Terrors
TNG4Whoopi GoldbergIn Theory
TNG5Whoopi GoldbergEnsign Ro
TNG5Whoopi GoldbergI, Borg
TNG6Whoopi GoldbergRascals
TNG6Isis JonesRascals
Whoopi GoldbergGenerations


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