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Major Kira Nerys

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Major Kira Nerys1
Species : Bajorans
Associated with : Deep Space Nine

As with many Bajoran women, Major Kira Nerys is a rather short-tempered character who is extremely forthright in her views. She frequently finds herself opposed to those in authority1, and this has led to open defiance on some occasions - most notably during the her rescue of Li Nalas.2

Kira led a typically difficult childhood under the Cardassian occupation. Her mother died when she was three3, and by the age of twelve she had joined the Bajoran underground.4 She scored several successes during her time with the resistance, most notably when she planted a bomb which destroyed an entire wing of a Cardassian Generals residence.5 In 2365 she came to Deep Space Nine to befriend Vaatrik, a Cardassian collaborator, in order to secure a list of his associates. Vaatrik walked in on Kira while she was searching for the list, and she was forced to kill him. Although she was successful in evading prosecution for the murder, Constable Odo discovered the truth in 2370.6

As first officer of Deep Space Nine, Kira has become more of a moderate. She began to overcome her hatred of the Cardassians in 2369, when she attempted to prosecute a Cardassian individual she took to be Gul Darhe'el. During the investigation Kira discovered that he was in fact Aamin Marritza, a file clerk who was impersonating Darhe'el in order to force the Cardassians to face up to the atrocities they had committed during the war.7 Later Kira forged a friendship with Legate Ghemor after the Obsidian Order attempted to convince her that she was really a Cardassian spy working as a Bajoran.3

In 2372 Kira was in the gamma quadrant with Dr. Bashir and Keiko O'Brien when there was an accident on board the Runabout Volga. The pregnant Keiko was severely injured, and Dr. Bashir was forced to use a transporter to beam her unborn child into Kiras womb in order to save its life.8 Kira carried the child to full term and delivered a baby boy in 2373. In recognition of her actions the O'Briens named the child Kirayoshi.9

Kira had long carried a subconscious attraction for Odo, and in 2374 the two became romantically involved.10 Their relationship was sometimes strained by the fact that he was a shape shifter, but they appeared to have overcame these difficulties.11 In 2375, however, Odo decided to return to the Great Link in order to try and show the Founders to trust solids and so enable the two sides to live together in peace. This marked the end of his relationship with Kira. When Captain Sisko went to live in the Celestial Temple Kira took command of Deep Space Nine12, a position she retains today.

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

DS91,2,3,4,5,6,7Nana Visitor


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