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Wesley Crusher

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Wesley Crusher1
Species : Humans
Associated with : The Next Generation

Wesley Crusher was the son of Beverley and Jack Crusher, starfleet officers who were friends of Captain Picard. Jack was killed while under the command of Picard when Wesley was five years old1, and Wesley had no clear memories of his father. The incident plagued him throughout his life, most especially when he joined his mother on board the USS Enterprise under the command of Picard.2 Wesley did not blame Picard for his father's death, and came to see the Captain as something of a surrogate father figure.3

Wesley was exceptionally bright, most especially in the area of engineering. When the alien being known as the Traveller visited the ship in 2364 he told Captain Picard that Wesley was the Mozart of science, a genius who would accomplish great things in the future. The Traveller urged Picard to allow Wesley the freedom to explore his talents via the ships systems and Picard did this by granting the boy an Acting Ensign field commission.4

In 2365 Wesley's mother was transferred to Starfleet Command, but the boy elected to stay on board the ship under the care of the senior officers.5 They tutored him in the responsibilities of command, assigning him to command a planetary survey in the Selcundi Drama system. Wesley found the experience of commanding officers far more experienced than he a daunting one, but managed to acquit himself well.6

Wesley had some difficulty in getting a place at Starfleet Academy7, but finally managed to sign up in 2367.3 He joined the prestigious Nova Squadron, but shortly afterwards team member Joshua Albert died in a flight accident. The inquest initially concluded that Albert had caused the accident, based on the testimony of the rest of the team, but it transpired that Nova Squadron had been training to perform the Kolvoord Starburst manoeuvre. This had long been forbidden because of the extreme danger involved; Cadet Nick Locarno was expelled from the Academy and all of the remaining cadets received a formal reprimand on their permanent record and were sent back to repeat their sophomore year.8

Wesley became somewhat disenchanted with Starfleet following the accident, and by 2370 he had decided to drop out of training. He found himself drawn to an individual from the Indian culture on Dorvan V, but when Wesley demonstrated unusual abilities the man revealed himself to be the Traveller. He told Wesley that he had gained the ability to control space and time with his mind, and the two departed the Enterprise together.9

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TNG1William A WallaceHide and Q
TNG1,2,3,4,7Wil Wheaton
Wil WheatonNemesis


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