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Shakaar Edon

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Shakaar Edon1
Species : Bajorans

Shakaar was the leader of a Bajoran terrorist group during the Cardassian Occupation, and a good friend of Kira Nerys. He led many missions against the Cardassians, including the liberation of the infamous Gallitep labour camp. After the Occupation ended, Shakaar became a farmer in Dahkur province. He led the farmers in a dispute with the government over some soil reclamators which almost led to civil war. He resolved the conflict by standing for election to First Minister, which he won.2 On a visit to Deep Space Nine in 2372, Shakaar became romantically involved with Major Kira.3 He was also present on the station when Kira gave birth to the O'Brien's child in 2373.4 The two broke up in 2373 when a visit to a Bajoran shrine led them to believe that they were not destined to be together.5

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

DS93Duncan RegehrShakaar
DS94Duncan RegehrCrossfire
DS95Duncan RegehrThe Begotten


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