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Melora Pazlar

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Melora Pazlar1
Species : Elaysian

Melora worked briefly on Deep Space 9, where she found Cardassian design to be poorly thought out. Independent to the point of rudeness, Melora was determined not to be held back by the difficulty her species experiences in 'normal' gravity. She mellowed somewhat when she became romantically involved with Dr. Julian Bashir.1

After her assignment on Deep Space 9 she had spent several years on a variety of short-term specialty assignments, including mapmaking and shuttle piloting missionns. During the Dominion War Melora was decorated for valor after in incident in which she helping to save 192 of her shipmates.2

Following the war in Melora was assigned to the Enterprise-E to conduct a low-gravity experiment on Primus IV. She convinced Captain Picard to divert the ship to Gemworld in response to a telepahtic message from the Lipul indicating that the planet was in danger. On arrival it was discovered that the machinery which maintained Gemworld's atmosphere was failing. The Enterprise-E crew saved the planet from the impending catastrophe, but in the course of the mission Melora was forced to take the life of one of her fellow Elaysians.3

Although Starfleet considered Melora's action justified, she was distraught at what she had done. She took an extended leave of absence and performed several atonement rituals. Pazlar returned to Starfleet in 2379, serving the USS Aegrippos before transferring to the USS Titan as the head of stellar cartography.2

When Titan explored the Gum Nebula in 2380, Melora was violently attacked by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, who was acting under the telepathic influence of the spaceborne life forms which the ship was investigating. As a result of this incident Melora asked Tuvok to train her in self-defence.4

Melora was promoted to Lientenant Commander and assigned as Chief Science Officer of the Titan after the death of Jaza Najem.4

In 2381, the Titan's Chief Engineer modified the ship so that Melora could project a holographic representation of herself into any of the major areas on board.5

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Played by

DS92Daphne AshbrookMelora


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