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Gul Evek

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Gul Evek1
Species : Cardassians

A Cardassian Gul, Evek was in charge of assesing the Dorvan V colony during the handover process when it was ceded to the Cardassians in 2370.2 His ship was attacked by the Maquis later in the year, and only survived thanks to the assistance of the Enterprise-D.3 Evek had several more dealings with the Maquis, especially in the area around Deep Space Nine.4 He arrested Chief O'Brien, suspecting him to be a member of the group, but the Chief was ultimately proved innocent.5 In 2371 Evek's ship was damaged whilst he was chasing Chakotay's Raider through the plasma storms of the Badlands.6

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TNG7Richard PoeJourney's End
TNG7Richard PoePreemptive Strike
DS92Richard PoePlaying God
DS92Richard PoeThe Maquis, Part 1
DS92Richard PoeThe Maquis, Part 2
DS92Richard PoeTribunal
VOY1Richard PoeCaretaker


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