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Tora Ziyal


Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Tora Ziyal1
Species : Cardassians

Born half Bajoran and half Cardassian, Ziyal was abandoned by her father Gul Dukat as a child and grew up in a Breen prison camp. She was eventually rescued by Dukat and Kira.2 When Dukat began fighting against the Klingons Ziyal remained on Deep Space Nine.3 She became a close friend of Garak1, and even fell in love with him. Ziyal was loyal to her friends, and helped them to end the Dominion occupation of Deep Space Nine. She was murdered by Gul Damar for her actions.4
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

Played by

DS94Cyia BattenIndiscretion
DS94Cyia BattenReturn to Grace
DS94Tracy MiddendorfFor the Cause
DS95Melanie SmithIn Purgatory's Shadow
DS95Melanie SmithBy Inferno's Light
DS95Melanie SmithCall to Arms
DS96Melanie SmithSons and Daughters
DS96Melanie SmithFavor the Bold
DS96Melanie SmithSacrifice of Angels


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
2 DS9 4 Indiscretion
3 DS9 4 Return to Grace
4 DS9 6 Sacrifice of Angels
Series : DS9 Season (Disc )
Episode : Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Indiscretion
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : Return to Grace
Series : DS9 Season 6 (Disc 2)
Episode : Sacrifice of Angels

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