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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Brunt1
Species : Ferengi

A liquidator with the Ferengi Commerce Authority, Brunt investigated Quark's mother when she was accused of earning a profit in 2371.2 He later investigated Quark himself when the workers at his bar formed a union.3 Brunt hated Quark, and once tricked him into thinking that he was dying so that he would offer his remains for sale in accordance with Ferengi custom. Brunt then bought the remains so that Quark would have to break the contract when he found that he was not really sick. Brunt revoked Quark's business licence and seized his assets.4 In 2373 Brunt offered to restore Quark's license if he would help to end the relationship between Quark's mother Ishka and Grand Nagus Zek. The plot failed and Brunt was fired from the FCA.5 Brunt redeemed himself when he helped to rescue Ishka from the Dominion6, though he continued to try and dethrone the Nagus because of his social and economic reforms.7

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

DS93Jeffrey CombsFamily Business
DS94Jeffrey CombsBar Association
DS94Jeffrey CombsBody Parts
DS95Jeffrey CombsFerengi Love Songs
DS96Jeffrey CombsThe Magnificent Ferengi
DS96Jeffrey CombsProfit and Lace
DS97Jeffrey CombsThe Dogs of War


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