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Kasidy Yates

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Kasidy Yates1
Species : Humans

A freighter pilot who worked largely around the Bajor system, Kasidy became romantically involved with Commander Sisko after being introduced by his son Jake.2 In 2372 a Klingon Bird of Prey stopped her ship to search for Founder infiltrators, despite the fact that it was within Bajoran space. The Defiant forced the Klingons to back down and allow her on her way.3 Kasidy took a job with the Bajoran government which allowed her to operate wholly within the Bajor sector and so spend much more time on Deep Space Nine.4 Unfortunately she had Maquis sympathies, and smuggled weapons for them. This led to her arrest by Captain Sisko, and she was subsequent jailed.5 After her release they continued their relationship, and the two married in 2375.6 She became pregnant shortly afterwards7, but was distraught when Sisko chose to leave the linear realm to remain with the Bajoran prophets.8

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
DS93Penny JohnsonFamily Business
DS94Penny JohnsonThe Way of the Warrior
DS94Penny JohnsonIndiscretion
DS94Penny JohnsonFor the Cause
DS95Penny JohnsonRapture
DS96Penny JohnsonFar Beyond the Stars
DS96Penny JohnsonThe Sound of Her Voice
DS97Penny JohnsonTake Me Out to the Holosuite
DS97Penny JohnsonBadda-Bing Badda-Bang
DS97Penny JohnsonPenumbra
DS97Penny Johnson'Til Death Do Us Part
DS97Penny JohnsonStrange Bedfellows
DS97Penny JohnsonThe Changing Face of Evil
DS97Penny JohnsonThe Dogs of War
DS97Penny JohnsonWhat You Leave Behind


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