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Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Lieutenant Commander T'Prynn1
Species : Vulcans

A Vulcan female, T’Prynn was born around the 2190s. She was bonded to Sten as a child, but when their time for full marriage and mating arrived she rejected Sten. He chose to invoke the kal-if-fee. T'Prynn chose to engage in combat herself rather than choosing a champion, and killed Sten in the subsequent fight. In his dying moments Sten chose to transfer his katra into T'Prynn. Removing it proved impossible, and Sten's consciousness has battled with T'Prynn ever since in an attempt to force her to submit to it - a demand she has consistently refused.1

T'Prynn joined Starfleet, and in 2265 she was the Starfleet Intelligence officer on Starbase 47 (Vanguard) in the Taurus reach. She covered up the loss of the USS Bombar in a Tholian attack by running a disinformation campaign in which she released full details of the attack to the Federal News Service reporter Tim Pennington; accurate in the fundamentals and convincing at first glance, the information proved to have numerous grievous errors throughout it on closer examination. The story thus fell apart after publication, discrediting Pennington and any further mention of Tholian involvement.1

She also forced the trader Cervantes Quinn to carry out tasks for her, turning a blind eye to the criminal activities he carried out for the Orion gangster Ganz.1

T'Prynn was a gifted piano player, and would sometimes play in public on Starbase 47. Her playing style was considered to be extremely passionate and emotional, which prompted some curiosity given her Vulcan heritage.1

T'Prynn was involved in a romantic relationship with at Anna Sandesjo, a senior diplomatic attache on Starbase 47.1 Their relationship was badly damaged when T'Prynn used Sandesjo to funnel serious disinformation to the Klingons, indicating that the cruiser Zin'za would find itself facing an ambush by four Federation Starships if it approached the Jinoteur system. When this proved to be untrue it revealed Sandesjo's status as a double agent to the Klingons.2

T'Prynn arranged for Sandesjo to be transported off Vanguard by the Starfleet cargo transport USS Malacca. Despite elaborate security procedures to ensure secrecy, the Malacca was sabotaged and exploded whilst still inside Vanguard, killing Sandesjo. The shock of the loss caused T'Prynn to undergo a mental collapse2

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Novel : Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 3 - Reap The Whirlwind

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