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G. P. Hendorff



Universe : Kelvin Timeline
Name : G. P. Hendorff1
Species : Humans

A Starfleet cadet in the Kelvin timeline. Hendorff was in a bar with other Cadets in 2255 when James Kirk made a pass at Cadet Uhura; he took exception, leading to Kirk to dub him "Cupcake". This led to a fight between Kirk, Hendorff and other cadets which was broken up by Captain Pike. Cupcake was displeased to see Kirk reporting to join Starfleet the next day. In 2258 Hendorff was serving as a security officer aboard the Enterprise when Kirk and Scotty used transwarp beaming to come aboard. He captured the pair, sarcastically calling Kirk "Cupcake" in payback for the earlier insult.2

In 2259, Hendorff was one of the security officers Captain Kirk took with him to the Klingon home world to capture John Harrison. Hendorff wore civilian clothing for the mission rather than his red security uniform. He thus survived.3

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

Jason Matthew SmithStar Trek XI
Jason Matthew SmithStar Trek Into Darkness


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek Comic Book series
2 Star Trek XI
3 Star Trek Into Darkness
Source : Star Trek Comic Book series
Film: Star Trek XI
Film: Star Trek Into Darkness

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