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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Jae
Species : Humans

An officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, Jae served aboard the ship from 23671 to it's loss in 2371.2She was present for many of the events the ship was involved in; she was a bridge officer during the mission on which Federation diplomat K'Ehleyr worked with Captain Picard to deal with the threat posed by a Klingon ship whose crew were unaware of the peace with the Federation1, and when Commander Riker worked to direct a radioactive garbage scow into the Gamelan sun.3 She continued to work on the bridge during the USS Pheonix crisis4, when the ship encountered a Cytherian probe,5, and during the mission to Kaelon II6. However, she was a versatile office who also served in other areas of the ship. These included main engineering7, where she worked on several occasions8, the shuttlebay9, and the transporter room. She also worked as part of the forensic team which analysed the weapons containers in Cargo Bay 4 during the visit of Ambassador Kell.8

In 2368 Jae served during the encounter with the Children of Tama10, and during the mission to track down the Crystalline Entity.11 She was seriously injured when the Enterprise struck a quantum filament during this year, and was treated in Ten Forward since sickbay was unreachable.12

When Lieutenant Worf left the Enterprise at the end of 2367, Lieutenant Jae was one of those who lined the corridors in an honour salute.13

She was assigned to analyse the Vulcan debris the Enterprise recovered from the transport T'Pau.14 She later worked in Engineering again during the visit of time traveller Berlinghoff Rasmussen.15 She returned to the bridge for the Soliton Wave drive experiments16, the discovery of the wreck of the USS Vico17, and at least one iteration of the time loop which the Enterprise-D found itself caught up in with the USS Bozeman.18

She returned to engineering during the Enterprise-D's brief visit to Earth19, then back to the bridge for the misson on which the ship was infected with Nitrium parasites. She fainted when high temperatures were used to neutralise the parasites, and had to be taken to sickbay.20 She was again on bridge duty when the ship assisted a disabled Romulan vessel21, and remained there during the encounter with the Kataanian probe22 and the mission to Devidia II.23

She continued on bridge duty into 2369 when the Devidian mission was completed24, and during the rescue of the USS Yosemite25 and USS Dorian26, and the discovery of the Dyson Sphere.27

Like most of the crew, she enjoyed recreational time in Ten Forward.28 She attended Data's infamous poetry reading in 2369, sitting beside Captain Picard for the event.29 She also attended the Ten Forward concert held by Data, Nella Daren and Cheney, again sitting beside Captain Picard.30

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

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