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Name : Jae
Species : Humans

An officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, Jae served aboard the ship from 23671 to it's loss in 2371.2 She went on to serve aboard the Enterprise-E during both the Borg invasion3 and Romulan leadership crisis.4
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

Played by

Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4Reunion
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4Final Mission
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4The Loss
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4Data's Day
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4The Wounded
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4Night Terrors
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4The N'th Degree
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4Half a Life
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4The Host
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG4Redemption, Part 1
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Darmok
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Silicon Avatar
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Disaster
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Unification, Part 1
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5A Matter of Time
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5New Ground
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Hero Worship
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Violations
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Cause and Effect
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5The First Duty
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Cost of Living
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5The Next Phase
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5The Inner Light
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG5Time's Arrow, Part 1
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Realm of Fear
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Man of the People
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Relics
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Schisms
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6True-Q
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Rascals
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6The Quality of Life
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Chain of Command, Part 2
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Aquiel
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Tapestry
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Starship Mine
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Lessons
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6The Chase
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Suspicions
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Rightful Heir
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Second Chances
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Timescape
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG6Descent, Part 1
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Descent, Part 2
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Liaisons
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Phantasms
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Dark Page
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Attached
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Force of Nature
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Inheritance
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Parallels
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Homeward
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Sub Rosa
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Lower Decks
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Masks
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Eye of the Beholder
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Genesis
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Firstborn
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Bloodlines
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Emergence
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7Preemptive Strike
Tracee Lee CoccoTNG7All Good Things
Tracee Lee CoccoGenerations
Tracee Lee CoccoFirst Contact
Tracee Lee CoccoInsurrection


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 4 Reunion
2 Star Trek : Generations
3 Star Trek : First Contact
4 Star Trek : Nemesis
Series :  TNG Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode :  Reunion
Film: Star Trek : Generations
Film: Star Trek : First Contact
Film: Star Trek : Nemesis

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