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Darien Wallace

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Darien Wallace1
Species : Humans

A member of the Enterprise-D crew, Wallace served aboard the ship in 23641, and continued aboard through until it was lost in 2371.2

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TNG1Guy VardamanDatalore
TNG1Guy VardamanAngel One
TNG1Guy Vardaman11001001
TNG1Guy VardamanToo Short a Season
TNG1Guy VardamanWhen the Bough Breaks
TNG1Guy VardamanComing of Age
TNG1Guy VardamanHeart of Glory
TNG1Guy VardamanSkin of Evil
TNG1Guy VardamanWe'll Always Have Paris
TNG1Guy VardamanThe Neutral Zone
TNG2Guy VardamanThe Child
TNG2Guy VardamanWhere Silence Has Lease
TNG2Guy VardamanElementary, Dear Data
TNG2Guy VardamanThe Outrageous Okona
TNG2Guy VardamanLoud as a Whisper
TNG2Guy VardamanThe Schizoid Man
TNG2Guy VardamanA Matter of Honor
TNG2Guy VardamanThe Dauphin
TNG2Guy VardamanContagion
TNG2Guy VardamanTime Squared
TNG2Guy VardamanThe Icarus Factor
TNG2Guy VardamanPen Pals
TNG2Guy VardamanQ Who
TNG2Guy VardamanPeak Performance
TNG3Guy VardamanEvolution
TNG3Guy VardamanBooby Trap
TNG3Guy VardamanThe Vengeance Factor
TNG3Guy VardamanThe Hunted
TNG3Guy VardamanDeja Q
TNG3Guy VardamanYesterday's Enterprise
TNG3Guy VardamanThe Offspring
TNG3Guy VardamanSins of the Father
TNG3Guy VardamanTin Man
TNG3Guy VardamanThe Most Toys
TNG3Guy VardamanSarek
TNG3Guy VardamanMenage a Troi
TNG3Guy VardamanTransfigurations
TNG4Guy VardamanThe Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
TNG4Guy VardamanThe Loss
TNG4Guy VardamanData's Day
TNG4Guy VardamanThe Wounded
TNG4Guy VardamanClues
TNG4Guy VardamanGalaxy's Child
TNG4Guy VardamanIdentity Crisis
TNG4Guy VardamanThe N'th Degree
TNG4Guy VardamanQpid
TNG4Guy VardamanThe Drumhead
TNG4Guy VardamanHalf a Life
TNG4Guy VardamanThe Host
TNG4Guy VardamanThe Mind's Eye
TNG4Guy VardamanIn Theory
TNG4Guy VardamanRedemption, Part 1
TNG5Guy VardamanEnsign Ro
TNG5Guy VardamanSilicon Avatar
TNG5Guy VardamanThe Game
TNG5Guy VardamanNew Ground
TNG5Guy VardamanThe Masterpiece Society
TNG5Guy VardamanPower Play
TNG5Guy VardamanThe Next Phase
TNG6Guy VardamanTime's Arrow, Part 2
TNG6Guy VardamanRelics
TNG6Guy VardamanLessons
TNG6Guy VardamanDescent, Part 1
TNG7Guy VardamanParallels
TNG7Guy VardamanEye of the Beholder
TNG7Guy VardamanAll Good Things


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 1 Datalore
2 Star Trek : Generations
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Datalore
Film: Star Trek : Generations

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