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Lieutenant Leslie

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Lieutenant Leslie1
Species : Humans

A member of the NCC-1701 crew, Lieutenant Ryan was aboard the ship during its three year mission of exploration.2

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TOS1Eddie PaskeyWhere No Man Has Gone Before
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Corbomite Maneuver
TOS1Eddie PaskeyMudd's Women
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Enemy Within
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Man Trap
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Naked Time
TOS1Eddie PaskeyCharlie X
TOS1Eddie PaskeyBalance of Terror
TOS1Eddie PaskeyWhat Are Little Girls Made Of?
TOS1Eddie PaskeyDagger of the Mind
TOS1Eddie PaskeyMiri
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Conscience of the King
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Galileo Seven
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Menagerie, Part 1
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Menagerie, Part 2
TOS1Eddie PaskeyShore Leave
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Squire of Gothos
TOS1Eddie PaskeyArena
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Alternative Factor
TOS1Eddie PaskeyTomorrow is Yesterday
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Return of the Archons
TOS1Eddie PaskeySpace Seed
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThis Side of Paradise
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe Devil in the Dark
TOS1Eddie PaskeyErrand of Mercy
TOS1Eddie PaskeyThe City on the Edge of Forever
TOS1Eddie PaskeyOperation: Annihilate!
TOS2Eddie PaskeyCatspaw
TOS2Eddie PaskeyMetamorphosis
TOS2Eddie PaskeyFriday's Child
TOS2Eddie PaskeyWho Mourns for Adonais?
TOS2Eddie PaskeyAmok Time
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Doomsday Machine
TOS2Eddie PaskeyWolf in the Fold
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Changeling
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Apple
TOS2Eddie PaskeyMirror, Mirror
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Deadly Years
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Trouble With Tribbles
TOS2Eddie PaskeyBread and Circuses
TOS2Eddie PaskeyJourney to Babel
TOS2Eddie PaskeyA Private Little War
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Gamesters of Triskelion
TOS2Eddie PaskeyObsession
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Immunity Syndrome
TOS2Eddie PaskeyA Piece of the Action
TOS2Eddie PaskeyBy Any Other Name
TOS2Eddie PaskeyReturn to Tomorrow
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Ultimate Computer
TOS2Eddie PaskeyThe Omega Glory
TOS2Eddie PaskeyAssignment: Earth
TOS3Eddie PaskeySpectre of the Gun
TOS3Eddie PaskeyElaan of Troyius
TOS3Eddie PaskeyThe Enterprise Incident
TOS3Eddie PaskeyAnd the Children Shall Lead
TOS3Eddie PaskeySpock's Brain
TOS3Eddie PaskeyIs There in Truth no Beauty?


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TOS 1 The Conscience of the King
2 Various Original Series episodes
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Conscience of the King
Series : TOS Season (Disc )
Episode : Various Original Series episodes

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