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Diana Giddings

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Diana Giddings1
Species : Humans

A member of the Enterprise-D crew in 2365, Giddings was one of several women who spent time with Okona when he visited the ship.1

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

TNG1Lorine MendellEncounter at Farpoint
TNG1Lorine MendellThe Naked Now
TNG1Lorine MendellCode of Honor
TNG1Lorine MendellWhere No One Has Gone Before
TNG1Lorine MendellLonely Among Us
TNG1Lorine MendellJustice
TNG1Lorine MendellThe Battle
TNG1Lorine MendellHide and Q
TNG1Lorine MendellHaven
TNG1Lorine MendellThe Big Goodbye
TNG1Lorine MendellDatalore
TNG1Lorine MendellAngel One
TNG1Lorine Mendell11001001
TNG1Lorine MendellWhen the Bough Breaks
TNG1Lorine MendellHome Soil
TNG1Lorine MendellComing of Age
TNG1Lorine MendellHeart of Glory
TNG1Lorine MendellSymbiosis
TNG1Lorine MendellWe'll Always Have Paris
TNG1Lorine MendellConspiracy
TNG1Lorine MendellThe Neutral Zone
TNG2Lorine MendellThe Child
TNG2Lorine MendellThe Outrageous Okona
TNG2Lorine MendellThe Schizoid Man
TNG2Lorine MendellUnnatural Selection
TNG2Lorine MendellContagion
TNG2Lorine MendellThe Icarus Factor
TNG3Lorine MendellEvolution
TNG3Lorine MendellWho Watches The Watchers?
TNG3Lorine MendellThe Bonding
TNG3Lorine MendellThe Enemy
TNG3Lorine MendellThe Price
TNG3Lorine MendellYesterday's Enterprise
TNG3Lorine MendellThe Most Toys
TNG3Lorine MendellMenage a Troi
TNG4Lorine MendellSuddenly Human
TNG4Lorine MendellReunion
TNG4Lorine MendellDevil's Due
TNG4Lorine MendellClues
TNG4Lorine MendellNight Terrors
TNG4Lorine MendellIdentity Crisis
TNG4Lorine MendellThe Mind's Eye
TNG4Lorine MendellIn Theory
TNG5Lorine MendellPower Play
TNG5Lorine MendellImaginary Friend
TNG5Lorine MendellI, Borg
TNG5Lorine MendellThe Next Phase
TNG6Lorine MendellBirthright, Part 1
TNG6Lorine MendellLessons
TNG6Lorine MendellFrame of Mind
TNG6Lorine MendellTimescape
TNG7Lorine MendellLiaisons
TNG7Lorine MendellParallels
TNG7Lorine MendellHomeward
TNG7Lorine MendellMasks
TNG7Lorine MendellGenesis
TNG7Lorine MendellFirstborn
TNG7Lorine MendellBloodlines


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 2 The Outrageous Okona
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Outrageous Okona

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