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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Icheb1
Species : Brunali

A Brunali, Icheb was genetically engineered by his people to carry a pathogen deadly to the Borg. The Brunali had been decimated by repeated Borg attacks and hoped to damage the collective by allowing them to assimilate Icheb.2 The plan worked and the cube Icheb was on was disabled, leaving only a handful of children alive. The children attempted to force Voyager to help them to re-contact the collective, but were unsuccessful in this effort. Voyager's EMH removed most of their Borg technology, and Seven of Nine became their adoptive mother.3 Voyager eventually located Icheb's parents and returned him to them, not realising that he had originally been used as a biological weapon. The Brunali attempted to repeat their plan, but Voyager was able to intervene and rescue Icheb.2 When Seven of Nine's cortical implant malfunctioned, Icheb donated his despite severe risk to his life. He managed to survive because of his relative youth.4 Icheb worked alongside Q2 when Q left him in Captain Janeway's care, and was a somewhat stabilising influence on him.5

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

VOY6Manu IntiraymiCollective
VOY6Manu IntiraymiAshes to Ashes
VOY6Manu IntiraymiChild's Play
VOY6Manu IntiraymiThe Haunting of Deck Twelve
VOY7Manu IntiraymiImperfection
VOY7Manu IntiraymiNightingale
VOY7Manu IntiraymiShattered
VOY7Manu IntiraymiLineage
VOY7Manu IntiraymiHuman Error
VOY7Manu IntiraymiQ2
VOY7Manu IntiraymiEndgame


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