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Garak (Mirror)

Universe : Mirror Universe
Name : Garak (Mirror)1
Species : Cardassians

Second in command of Terok Nor under Intendant Kira, Garak struggled in the role as then Intendant tended to think that he was too widespread in his application of violence to the Terran slaves. He frequently plotted to kill the Intendant and take over the station, though these plots were never successful.2 When Rom infiltrated the station for the Terran rebellion, Garak was suspicious of his apparent defection and had him tortured and executed.3 When the rebels captured Terok Nor Garak was the only person to escape unharmed. He was blamed for the defeat by Regent Word, and held literally in chains on the bridge of Worf's flagship. Garak eventually managed to transfer much of the blame for the loss to the Intendant and became slightly more trusted.4 When the Intendant was finally captured, she managed to worm her way back into a position of influence with the Regent, much to Garak's disappointment. He planned to execute Zek, Quark, and Rom after they were captured whilst bringing a Klingon cloaking device into the mirror universe. Unfortunately his prisoners managed to jump him, and in the struggle mirror Ezri injected him with a deadly ulcartic virus.5

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

DS92Andrew J. RobinsonCrossover
DS93Andrew J. RobinsonThrough the Looking Glass
DS94Andrew J. RobinsonShattered Mirror
DS97Andrew J. RobinsonThe Emperor's New Cloak


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