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Commander Dolim

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Commander Dolim1
Species : Xindi Reptilians

One of the Xindi-Reptilian leaders in the 2150s, Dolim was a sadistic man who had utter faith in the good intentions of the Sphere Builders towards his people.1 When Captain Archer was captured whilst trying to destroy the Xindi weapon, Dolim had him tortured for information and almost destroyed Enterprise.2 He point-blank refused to accept any evidence that Humanity was innocent in the destruction of his homeworld, and was even prepared to betray the Xindi ruling council when it hesitated to use the weapon. Dolim was able to capture the weapon and kidnapped Hoshi in order to force her to break the codes needed to use it.3 He continued to maintain his belief in the Sphere Builders even when confronted with direct proof that they were responsible for the anomalies of the Delphic Expanse.4 Dolim was killed by Captain Archer on board the Xindi weapon as it approached Earth.5

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Played by

ENT3Scott MacDonaldThe Xindi
ENT3Scott MacDonaldRajiin
ENT3Scott MacDonaldProving Ground
ENT3Scott MacDonaldAzati Prime
ENT3Scott MacDonaldDamage
ENT3Scott MacDonaldThe Council
ENT3Scott MacDonaldCountdown
ENT3Scott MacDonaldZero Hour


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