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Senator Cretak

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Senator Cretak1
Species : Romulans

Cretak was a Romulan liaison between the Empire and the Bajorans during 2375, a role based on Deep Space Nine. Although a warm and friendly person who established a good working relationship with Admiral Ross and sought to do the same with Colonel Kira, Cretak was revealed to be determined to establish an armed Romulan presence in the Bajor system, even over the objections of the Bajorans.2 Major Kira attempted to blockade a Romulan base in the system to prevent weapons being shipped in, nearly leading to a military confrontation between the two powers. The situation was resolved when Admiral Ross pledged Federation support of the Bajorans.3

The Senator also attended the conference between the Romulan Empire and the Federation in 2375. When Admiral Ross was incapacitated, Bashir approached Cretak to inform her of the existence of Section 31, Sloan, and his plan to assassinate Chairman Koval. He suggested that Sloan had a mole within the Romulan government, and asked Cretak to hand over Koval's personal database in order to help Bashir to determine who the traitor was.4

This proved to be a ploy on Sloan's part, intended to compromise Cretak. She was arrested for revealing confidential information. Admiral Ross, who had been working with Sloan, expected her to be imprisoned or even executed for this. Ross justified the plan on the basis that as a genuine patriot, Cretak would have acted in the interest of Romulus rather than the alliance, for example by arriving at a separate peace with the Dominion. By removing her from consideration for a chair on the powerful Romulan Continuing Committee the plan also ensured that Koval would gain the position. As Koval was a Federation operative, this would be extremely beneficial to the Federation.4

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Played by

DS97Megan ColeImage in the Sand
DS97Megan ColeShadows and Symbols
DS97Adrienne BarbeauInter Arma Enim Silent Leges


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