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What's new - Mar 2020

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10 Mar 2020

Image pages
We're updating our image pages today. The layout remains the same, however, the following changes are implemented:
  • The fade out / fade in transition is replace by a slide effect
  • You can navigate in the following ways:
    • Clicking the First, Previous, Play, Next or Last button.
    • Pressing the left arrow will move you to the previous image.
    • Pressing the right arrow will move you to the next image.
    • Pressing the shift-left arrow or up arrow will move you to the first image.
    • Pressing the shift-right arrow or down arrow will move you to the last image.
    • Pressing space bar will play / pause play mode
    • Clicking on a thumbnail in the navigation panel
    • Swiping the main image left or right, either using the mouse or your finger on a touch screen, such as an mobile or tablet
    • If you attempt to swipe off the end of the image set in either direction it will bounce back as you would expect
    • The play button now automatically navigates from the current image to the end of the image set in turn and then stops, rather than looping around to the beginning forever
  • If you are at the start of the image set the Previous and First buttons are disabled
  • If you are at the end of the image set the Play, Next and Last buttons are disabled
  • The navigation between images is no longer recorded in the browsers history. So hitting the back button will take you to the page that brought you to the images page, however, you are still able to bookmark any image directly.
All of which is a long-winded way of saying, yay you can now swipe between images on phones and tablets!

As always if it doesn't look right force a reload or clear the cache and it should come good.

Note: We also fixed an issue where Command-left arrow would not action the back operation on Mac. Equally Control-left arrow would now work on windows.

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 695 Last updated : 10 Mar 2020