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What's new - Mar 2020

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6 Mar 2020

Significant mobile changes
Mobile mode will automatically activate for phones and other smaller devices, without the need to press the Mobile site button.

Virtually all content has been tailored to fit the width of the smaller screen, without compromising the desktop version. For example where the desktop version might use multiple columns the mobile version will revert to a single column to fit the screen.

The home page is now available on mobile devices for the first time. As you will see it rearranges itself to suit the smaller screen. This is also true of the what’s new pages.

All pages now contain a “Hamburger menu” (the blue three line symbol in the top left of the screen). This provides access to all the menu items from the desktop version. The main top strip buttons are now provided as a dramatic new icon panel, rather than the old scrolling menu.

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