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What's new - Aug 2008

31 Aug 2008

Section Update
Poll Your greatest Kira moment ever was her forgiving Amin Marritza in "Duet". Good choice! This week Chakotay's turn. Next up will be T'Pol, so mosey on over to the forum to suggest your poll choices!
Caption Competition Congratulations to The Good Knight Fartsalot, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from Enterprise "Impulse".

25 Aug 2008

Section Update
Caption Competition Please note that the caption competition is NOT a venue for you to express opinions about the site, even if the opinion is about the competition itself. If you want to express an opinion then by all means send an email to me - there's a button to do just that at the top of the screen. If you want to make a public comment, come join the forum and you are more than welcome to publish your thoughts there.

24 Aug 2008

Section Update
Poll Riker's Best of Both Worlds moment was his best in last week's poll. This week on to Kira from Deep Space Nine.
Caption Competition Congratulations to ThomasJBryant, winner of last week's caption competition. This week a shot from Voyager.

17 Aug 2008

Section Update
Poll Spock's greatest moment was, of course, sacrificing himself in Star Trek II. This week, Will Riker's turn.

Next week will be Major Kira of Deep Space Nine. Come join our forum and make a suggestion for the poll!

Caption Competition Congratulations to OlderThanTOS, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "Broken Link".

10 Aug 2008

Section Update
Poll All time best moment of any Trek Captain? Picard railing against the Borg in First Contact! This week we start a run for first officers, beginning with Spock.

Remember, come join our forum and you can enter your choices for next week's Riker poll. We're a friendly bunch, so don't be shy!

Caption Competition Congratulations to ThomasJBryant, now 13th on the honour roll after winning last week's competition! This week, a pic from TNG's "Haven".

3 Aug 2008

Section Update
Poll Your favourite Archer moment was his Mirror version's stealing of the USS Defiant... I can get behind that one :)

Poll of poll time as we ask you what the overall best moment for any Captain in Trek is.

Next week we will be starting a run of non-captain characters. Remember to come join our forum if you want your suggestion to be one of the options!

Caption Competition Congratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "The Enemy Within"

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