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What's new - Apr 2008

20 Apr 2008

Section Update
Poll Jonothan Frakes scored another win as best DS9 director. Way to go Frakes! This week, Voyager's turn.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Tiberius, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TNG's "Data's Day".

18 Apr 2008

Section Update
Morals Added next and previous buttons to the episode moral page.
Lists We've put up a new list, this one details all the morals that are attached to episodes. You can click from the list to the episode page or to the individual morals page.

17 Apr 2008

Section Update
Reviews We've added a new item to many of out reviews - the 'moral of the episode' to go with one of the pictured from the episode, ie what the episode is supposed to teach us. You can click on them and get a poster-style picture of the moral in question. Some are serious, some are funny (or meant to be at least!), some are just plain off the wall. We hope you like them... more to come in the near future!

13 Apr 2008

Section Update
Poll So in our director poll for TNG, Jonathan Frakes won by a hefty margin. This week, DS9's turn...
Caption Competition Congratulations to ThomasJBryant, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "Turnabout Intruder".

6 Apr 2008

Section Update
Poll Our directors poll kicks off with Vincent McEveety for best TOS director. This week, TNG's turn...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Niall Johnson, winner of last week's competition - his third win! This week, a shot from Enterprise "Impulse". Enjoy!

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