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What's new - Nov 2007

25 Nov 2007

Section Update
Poll Cirroc Lofton was the "winner" of worst actor for DS9. Surprising, I thought, he did a great job as Jake. This week, Voyager's turn. Talk about spoiled for choices!
Caption Competition Congratulations to Chromedome, winner of last week's competition - his first ever win! This week, a pic from TOS "The Cloud Minders".

18 Nov 2007

Section Update
Poll A resounding "victory" for Wil Wheaton in last week's poll. Have to say, I hated the character but I thought Wil did a fair job of playing him and he seems like a great guy himself. This week, onto DS9...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Chaos4700 for winning last week's competition, his (or her) first win! This week a pic from Enterprise "Proving Ground".

11 Nov 2007

Section Update
Poll So Grace Lee Whitney won worst TOS actor. This week, TNG's turn. I have a feeling Wil Wheaton should be worried... am I wrong?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Royston Vasey, winner of last week's competition. This week, a Voyager pic!

4 Nov 2007

Section Update
Poll So Patrick Stewart gains a landslide history as the best actor of any Trek cast, bringing an end to our "best actor" poll run. So, we thought, we've seen the best, why not take a tour of the worst?
Caption Competition Congratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition - taking him (her?) up to 4th place! This week, a pic from DS9's "The Ascent".

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