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T. Kirk




Star Trek XI

What's new - Dec 2001

29 Dec 2001

Section Update
Size Comparison The Midas Array has been added to the Stations size comp page, together with several improved images of other stations.
Series Guides TNG season 7 has been converted to the new format. The basic details have been added and the rest will be filled in as time allows.
Miscellaneous Many small fixed have been made to various parts of the site.

28 Dec 2001

Section Update
Fleets Another new addition to the fleets section, a series of pages summarizing the defencive systems used on each of the ship class. There are, again, pages for the Cardassians, Dominion, Federation, Klingons and the Romulans.

26 Dec 2001

Section Update
Ho Ho Ho Happy Christmas.
Fleets New in the fleets section, a series of pages summarizing the weaponry used on each of the ship class. There are pages for the Cardassians, Dominion, Federation, Klingons and the Romulans.

16 Dec 2001

Section Update
Ships Another thirty one ships on the Alternate ships page, bringing the total to 75! I never realised there were so many ship types I never had...

9 Dec 2001

Section Update
Stations A full entry has gone up on the Jupiter Station.
Size Comparison A bunch of changes here : From TOS "The Changeling", Nomad has been added. From TNG the cryosatellite from "The Neutral Zone", the Romulan science vessel from "The Next Phase" and DY 500 from "Up the Long Ladder" has been added and a better image of the Klingon shuttle Toron. From DS9 the Klingon transport from "Rules of Engagement", the Cardassian-style freighter from "Sons and Daughters", and the tug ship from "A Time to Stand" have been added. Two more Nebula prototype variants have been added, and finally the NX-01 Enterprise has been added.
Ships An amazing twenty four new ships have been added to the "Additional ships" entry of the Other ships section.

2 Dec 2001

Section Update
Stations Whilst watching "Remember Me" I found Starbase 133, another Starbase-74 sized space station. I have added mention of this on the SB74 page and linked the SB 133 entry in the Lists section to the page.
Ships Another eight additions to the "Alternates" page of the Other Ships list, bringing the total number of ships on that page to twenty.

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