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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2374

Year Event
1Seven of Nine is chosen to be the Borg representative to the crew of the USS Voyager. She is removed from the collective consciousness while undertaking this task.1
2Captain Sisko launches a raid into Dominion-held territory, destroying a Ketracel White production facility and limiting supplies of the drug used to control the Jem'Hadar.2
1Voyager defeats a force of 8472 vessels; end of the Borg/8472 war.1
3Kes becomes non corporeal; she hurls Voyager 9,500 light years closer to Federation space.3
4Worf serves as First officer of the Rotarran under General Martok.4
4Alexander Rozhenko is assigned to the Klingon warship Rotarran.4
5Sisko becomes an adjutant on Starbase 375. Jadzia Dax becomes commander of the Defiant.5
6Voyager encounters the Krenim, a species who use temporal technology in weapons applications. The encounter passes peacefully.6
7Tom and B'Elanna become romantically involved.7
8Chakotay is brainwashed by the Vori into becoming a soldier in their war against the Kradin.8
9Starfleet launches an operation to recapture Deep Space Nine. Captain Sisko leads a large Federation force, but this is bogged down battling a Dominion fleet. The Defiant breaks through and reaches Deep Space Nine just as the minefield is destroyed; Sisko convinces the Prophets to prevent Dominion reinforcements from coming through the wormhole. A joint Federation/Klingon force recaptures the station.9
10Harry becomes attracted to Seven of Nine, an attraction she does not return.10
9As Dominion forces leave, Damar murders Ziyal. Distraught at losing both the station and his daughter, Dukat becomes mentally unbalanced and is captured by Federation forces.9
11Alexander is transferred to the IKS Ya'Vang.11
12Seven of Nine finds the SS Raven in Bomar space.12
13Voyager's crew undergoes involuntary medical testing by an alien species.13
11Worf and Dax marry.11
14Bashir begins to help a group of genetically engineered people.14
15B'Elanna is accused of inciting violence with her thoughts on the Mari home world. Fortunately Tuvok is able to prove her innocence.15
15Dukat escapes from Federation custody when the ship transporting him is destroyed by the Dominion.16
17Neelix is killed during an away mission; he is revived by Borg technology.17
18Voyager's EMH relays messages from the ship to Starfleet via an alien communications array. A message to Janeway informs her that her fiance Mark Johnson has married a co-worker. Voyager finds that the Maquis have been wiped out.18
19The Dominion fields a new type of Jem'Hadar, specifically designed for the war in the Alpha Quadrant.19
20Chakotay helps Voyager escape from captivity by the Dream Species.20
21O'Brien goes undercover on Farius Prime to penetrate the Orion Syndicate for Starfleet Intelligence.21
22Kira uses the Orb of Time to travel to 2346 and meet her mother.22
23False memories prompt Seven of Nine to accuse an Entharan trader of assault.23
24Bashir is kidnapped by Section 31 for the first time.24
25Dominion forces invade the planet Betazed; the planet's loss is regarded as a disaster for the Allied forces.25
25The Romulans join the war against the Dominion.25
26Kira becomes romantically involved with Odo.26
27Tom helps Steth repair his ship, which is powered by a co-axial warp core.27
28Voyager attempts to stabilize some Omega molecules.28
29Chakotay falls in love with a Ramuran woman, Kellin; she leaves him after being recaptured by her people.29
30Voyager's crew are replicated by the Deuterium/metal lifeform on the Demon planet.30
31Miles and Keiko O'Brien's daughter Molly falls into a time portal. O'Brien is able to reverse the effects.31
32Seven of Nine pilots Voyager through a Motarra class nebula while the crew is in stasis.32
33The first Allied offensive captures the Chin'Toka system from the Dominion.33
33Jadzia Dax is killed by Gul Dukat, who seals the entrance to the Wormhole. The Dax symbiont develops life-threatening complications whilst on its way home to Trill; to save its life it is transplanted into the only available host, Ezri Teegan.33
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374
Picture from 2374

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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