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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2373

Year Event
1Voyager is re-captured from the Kazon by Paris and a small group of Talaxians. Seska is killed during the operation.1
2Quark becomes involved with Grilka again when she visits DS9.2
3Kira ends her involvement in Shakaar after a visit to Kendra Shrine.3
4Odo crashes on an inhospitable planet with Quark, and is forced to climb a mountain to call for help4
5Bashir is replaced by a Changeling infiltrator whilst attending a burns conference on Meezan IV; he spends several months in a Dominion internment camp before escaping.5
6Tuvok experiences strange flashbacks to time on USS Excelsior as a result of a form of parasite.6
7Tom and Harry are briefly imprisoned by the Akritiri.7
8Voyager trespasses on Swarm space to avoid a lengthy detour on their journey home.8
9Neelix meets Wixiban, an old friend, at the Nekrit supply depot. He becomes involved in some less than legal business dealings on the station and is sentenced to two weeks on deuterium maintenance duty for stealing a cylinder of warp plasma.9
10Odo regains his shape shifting abilities when an infant Changeling joins with him.10
11Kes ends her relationship with Neelix.11
5Enabren Tain dies.5
12Dukat becomes the head of the Cardassian government after assisting the Dominion in their take-over of the planet.12
13Bashir admits that he was genetically engineered as a child; his father is sentenced to two years in prison as a result.13
14Quark briefly works as an arms dealer with Hagath and Gaila.14
15The fifth Weyoun clone served as Chief Dominion Liaison to the Cardassian government.15
16Voyager is thrown back in time to 199616; the ship prevents a temporal explosion which would otherwise have destroyed the Earth.17
18The progressive faction wins the Q civil war with Voyager's help. Q mates with a female Q, helping to end the rifts which caused the war by producing a baby Q.18
19Janeway destroys a macro virus infestation on board Voyager.19
20Chakotay encounters a group of ex-Borg; experiences a limited version of the Borg collective.20
21The EMH creates a holographic family in an attempt to experience normal family life. His daughter, Belle, is killed in an accident shortly afterwards.21
11The EMH adds various personality traits to his program, creating a split personality.11
22The second Borg invasion of the Federation. The cube is defeated by a Federation fleet including the USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-E. The Enterprise-E subsequently travels back in time to 2063 in order to prevent the Borg from creating an alternate timeline in which the Federation is never created.22
23Quark regains his Ferengi Business licence in exchange for helping to break up the relationship between Ishka and Grand Nagus Zek..23
24On Stardate 50912 the EMH's optical sensors reconfigured to allow sight in the microwave range of the EM spectrum.24
25Ensign Jetal dies when Harry Kim is given medical priority. Memories of Ensign Jetal are deleted by Janeway.25
26Janeway experiences her own apparent death repeatedly when she is attacked by a non corporeal alien.26
27The USS Defiant discovers the wreck of the USS Columbia, NX-02, abandoned on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. Efforts to salvage the wreck are abandoned with the arrival of Dominion attack ships, and postponed indefinitely as the Dominion War begins.27
28Worf becomes engaged to Lieutenant Commander Dax.28
28The Dominion War begins. Dukat regains control of Deep Space Nine when the Dominion capture the station.28
29Janeway begins spending time in the Leonardo da Vinci holoprogram.29
29Voyager encounters the Borg and Species 8472.29
Picture from 2373
Picture from 2373
Picture from 2373
Picture from 2373
Picture from 2373
Picture from 2373

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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