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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2369

Year Event
1Data's head is severed from his body as he returns to the present from 19th century Earth. Geordi LaForge attaches the head found under San Francisco to his body successfully. The Enterprise crew is successful in destroying the aliens on Devdia II.1
 People : Data
2Barclay rescues the survivors of the USS Yosemite, facing his fear of transporters in the process.2
 People : Reginald Barclay
3Scotty is recovered from the Dyson Sphere by the crew of the Enterprise-D; he subsequently sets off in a shuttlecraft for parts unknown.3
 People : Montgomery Scott
4Amanda Rogers visits the Enterprise-D. Whilst there Q appears on the ship and informs her that she is actually a member of the Q continuum. Despite initial misgivings, Amanda returns to the continuum with Q.4
 People : Q
 Species : Q
5Admiral Nechayev relieves Captain Picard of his command and assigns him, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Crusher to a mission to infiltrate Celtris III. Picard is captured on the mission.5
 People : Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard
6Captain Jellico, in temporary command of the Enterprise-D, mines the McAllister nebula to force a Cardassian fleet hiding there to surrender. He orders Captain Picard's release. Picard subsequently returns to the Enterprise-D.6
 People : Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard
7The Cardassians retreat from the Bajoran system, abandoning the Terok Nor ore processing facility in orbit of the planet. The Bajoran Provisional Government asks Starfleet to take over the running of the station.7
 People : Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark
 Species : Bajorans, Cardassians
7Kira is assigned to Deep Space Nine as second in command.7
 People : Kira Nerys
7Odo begins working for Starfleet when they take over the station and rename it Deep Space Nine.7
 People : Odo
7O'Brien is transferred to Deep Space Nine as Chief of Operations.7
 People : Miles Edward O'Brien
7Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine. He persuades Quark to remain on the station despite the precarious political situation.7
 People : Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Quark
7Bashir is assigned as Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine.7
 People : Julian Bashir
7Jadzia is assigned to Deep Space Nine.7 She and Commander Sisko discover the a stable wormhole in the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. The wormhole has existed for at least 10,000 years in a stable state, apparently due to the influence of aliens who live within it. Sisko is successful in convincing the wormhole aliens to allow traffic to use the wormhole.8
 People : Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Dax
 Species : Bajorans
9Deanna is abducted and surgically altered by Romulan dissidents in order to work undercover on a Romulan Warbird and assist with the defection of Vice Proconsul M'Ret.9
 People : Deanna Troi
10Soong meets Data in a dream.10
 People : Doctor Noonien Soong, Data
11Quark briefly serves as Grand Nagus when it appears that Zek is dead.11
 People : Quark
12Picard discovers an ancient message left by the first Humanoid beings in our galaxy.12
 People : Jean-Luc Picard
13Beverley disobeys orders whilst hosting a scientific conference to asses metaphasic shielding.13
 People : Beverly Crusher
Neelix has a run-in with the Ubean authorities in which his friend Wixiban is imprisoned.14
 People : Neelix
15The cloned Kahless becomes Emperor of the Klingon Empire.15
 People : Kahless the Unforgettable, Gowron
16Beverley briefly commands the Enterprise-D during the invasion of the Borg under the command of Lore. Destroys the Borg transwarp vessel.16
 People : Beverly Crusher
17A Borg vessel is detected in Federation space. The ship is discovered to be operating outside the influence of the Borg collective, under the control of the android Lore. Lore manages to disable Data's ethical subroutine and convince him to join forces with the Borg. He also captures several of the senior officers of the Enterprise also.17
 People : Admirall Alynna Nechayev
Picture from 2369
Picture from 2369
Picture from 2369
Picture from 2369

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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9 TNG 6 Face of the Enemy
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11 DS9 1 The Nagus
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14 VOY 3 Fair Trade
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17 TNG 6 Descent, Part 1
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