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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2367

Year Event
1The Battle of Wolf 359 occurs. Thirty nine Federation Starships and eleven thousand personnel are lost in the battle. In the aftermath, the Enterprise manages to rescue Captain Picard and use his link to the Borg collective to destroy the ship.1
2Soong is killed by Lore.2
3K'Ehleyr returns to the Enterprise with her and Worf's son, Alexander. She is murdered by Duras soon afterwards; Worf kills Duras in retaliation. Alexander is sent to live with Worf's parents on Earth.3
4Wesley joins Starfleet Academy.4
5Deanna temporarily loses her empathic powers.5
6Miles O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa.6
7Bashir graduates from Starfleet Academy, second in his class.8
9Curzon dies, Jadzia joined to the Dax symbiont.9
10Barclay encounters the Cytherian probe; his I.Q. is briefly boosted many fold.10
11Q recreates the legend of Robin Hood with the Enterprise-D senior officers in the outlaw roles, in order to force Captain Picard to admit that he is in love with Vash.11
12Lwaxana falls in love with Timicin, a scientist from the planet Kaelon.12
13Gowron is confirmed as leader of the Klingon High Council. The Klingon civil war begins when the Duras family challenges Gowron. Worf resigns his Starfleet commission in order to join Gowrons side in the war.13
13The Klingon civil war; Worf resigns Starfleet to fight in the conflict.13
Picture from 2367
Picture from 2367

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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