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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2365

Year Event
1Beverly is assigned as Chief of Starfleet Medical.1
1LaForge is promoted to Chief of Engineering.1
1Pulaski joins the Enterprise-D as Chief Medical Officer.1
1Deanna's son, Ian Andrew, is born.1
2Kyle Riker visits the Enterprise-D; father to Will Riker and a former romantic interest of Pulaski, he is there to brief Will concerning a new Starship command he has been offered.2
3Wesley commands a survey of the Selcundi Drama system.3
4Kira kills a Bajoran named Vaatrik while on a mission on Deep Space Nine.4
5Dukat orders Odo to work as chief of security of Terok Nor.5
Captain Katherine Janeway completes her first Starship command assignment. Tuvok criticizes Janeway's performance in front of a panel of three Admirals.6
Q hurls the Enterprise-D some seven thousand light years through space to star system J-25. Whilst there the ship encounters the Borg collective, marking the official contact between the Federation and this species. Although Q terminates the encounter, the Borg send a ship towards Federation space.7
8The Enterprise resettles the Bringloidi colonists to Mariposa at Pulaski's suggestion.8
9Lwaxana goes through the phase.9
9Lwaxana attends the Pacifica conference.9
10Will Riker is infected with a parasite by a plant on Surata IV. Pulaski is able to defeat the parasite by provoking a series of negative memories in the unconscious Riker.10
Picture from 2365
Picture from 2365

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
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