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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2365

Year Event
1Beverly is assigned as Chief of Starfleet Medical.1
 People : Beverly Crusher
1LaForge is promoted to Chief of Engineering.1
 People : Geordi LaForge
1Pulaski joins the Enterprise-D as Chief Medical Officer.1
 People : Doctor Katherine Pulaski
1Deanna's son, Ian Andrew, is born.1
 People : Deanna Troi
2Kyle Riker visits the Enterprise-D; father to Will Riker and a former romantic interest of Pulaski, he is there to brief Will concerning a new Starship command he has been offered.2
 People : William T. Riker, Doctor Katherine Pulaski
3Wesley commands a survey of the Selcundi Drama system.3
 People : Wesley Crusher
4Kira kills a Bajoran named Vaatrik while on a mission on Deep Space Nine.4
 People : Kira Nerys
 Species : Bajorans
5Dukat orders Odo to work as chief of security of Terok Nor.5
 People : Odo, Gul Dukat
Captain Katherine Janeway completes her first Starship command assignment. Tuvok criticizes Janeway's performance in front of a panel of three Admirals.6
 People : Kathryn Janeway, Tuvok
Q hurls the Enterprise-D some seven thousand light years through space to star system J-25. Whilst there the ship encounters the Borg collective, marking the official contact between the Federation and this species. Although Q terminates the encounter, the Borg send a ship towards Federation space.7
 People : Jean-Luc Picard
 Species : Humans, Borg, Q, Humans
8The Enterprise resettles the Bringloidi colonists to Mariposa at Pulaski's suggestion.8
 People : Doctor Katherine Pulaski
9Lwaxana goes through the phase.9
 People : Lwaxana Troi
9Lwaxana attends the Pacifica conference.9
 People : Lwaxana Troi
10Will Riker is infected with a parasite by a plant on Surata IV. Pulaski is able to defeat the parasite by provoking a series of negative memories in the unconscious Riker.10
 People : William T. Riker, Doctor Katherine Pulaski
Picture from 2365
Picture from 2365

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 2 The Child
2 TNG 2 The Icarus Factor
3 TNG 2 Pen Pals
4 DS9 2 Necessary Evil
5 DS9 2 Invasive Procedures
6 VOY 2 Meld
7 TNG 2 Q Who
8 TNG 2 Up The Long Ladder
9 TNG 2 Manhunt
10 TNG 2 Shades of Gray
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 1)
Source: The Child
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 3)
Source: The Icarus Factor
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Source: Pen Pals
Series: DS9 Season 2 (Disc 2)
Source: Necessary Evil
Series: DS9 Season 2 (Disc 1)
Source: Invasive Procedures
Series: VOY Season 2 (Disc 4)
Source: Meld
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Source: Q Who
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Source: Up The Long Ladder
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Source: Manhunt
Series: TNG Season 2 (Disc 5)
Source: Shades of Gray

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